Lovely Graziel Tamayo – Customer Service, ESL Teacher

lovely-graziel-tamayo-officeHi! It’s a great day! My name is Lovely Graziel Tamayo.

I am the eldest among 5 siblings. When our parents passed away, I was left without a choice but to face all responsibilities for my family. It has been the most challenging time of my life. The happy-go-lucky girl was gone.

I needed to work full-time in the corporate world and at the same time, manage the house for my younger siblings. I entered the online business where I sell anything and everything under the sun. I baked empanadas and sold them to my colleagues at work so my salary would be enough to cover all our expenses. I also have gone through ESL teaching jobs as part-time. Truly, it was a rough road for me.

For almost a decade, it has been my routine – to travel to work and feel exhausted all the time.

In 2019, I made a big decision to quit my job. I decided to start up a small transportation business. This was meticulously planned. From bookings, confirmations and invoicing – I set everything into place. This business required me to be efficient in a way that I needed to respond to the customers in a timely manner, address their concerns that would not bridge my business policies and give them quality service. Don’t forget marketing the services too!

lovely-graziel-tamayo-casualWith all the hard work and money I invested, I never thought it would be as successful as it is today! I chose family over anything. And yes, I made the right choice. This is what I’ve been dreaming of ever since. A work-life balance indeed! Now, I have two siblings who have Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Computer Programming. The other two are on the road to finish their studies.

I used all the knowledge and skills I gained over the decade and applied some techniques to maintain my business. I have 4 years experience in Customer Service handling Healthcare, Retail, Email Support and Escalations. Also, I’ve been in Sales for about 3 years wherein I sell Safety and Emergency subscriptions for luxury vehicles in the US.

I may not have the experience in the Virtual world yet, however; I’m very willing to learn. I believe with my determination, discipline and flexibility, I would be a great asset for the company.

For a copy of Lovely’s resume please click here.