Lunalie Dawn Desusa – Customer Service

lunalie-dawn-profileHi, my name is Lunalie Dawn Desusa.

I’m a person who has been through a lot of struggles in life. I’m an only child to my loving foster parents. Yes, I was adopted. I was “given” to my foster parents since they didn’t have a child and they’re getting old. Unfortunately, my foster mother died when I was 8 years old leaving me with my grandmother and foster dad. Life was so hard since he was retrenched from his job and was forced to retire early. That is why he wasn’t able to finance my studies and help me finish my college degree as a Secondary Teacher Major in English. I didn’t want to get help from my biological parents since they were also struggling financially with my 6 little siblings. But despite all the hardships in life, this did not hinder me in achieving my goals. Instead, I took it as a challenge and I strived hard so I can earn enough salary to support my foster dad and buy medicines for my grandmother.

Though I didn’t have any idea at first on how BPO works, with my confidence and good communication skills, I passed my job interview and got my very first call center job. I even excelled with high VOC (voice of the customer) scores. I lunalie-dawn-parkjust love it when my customer is satisfied and I have helped them resolve their issue, may it be technical or billing concerns.

I have been working as a Customer Service Representative since 2011 in various call center companies in Bacolod, Negros Occidental. I even got a chance of becoming one of the “agent of the year” candidates and was given the chance to be sent to the USA for a trip to Disney World VIP and other perks.

Unfortunately, my grandmother died January this year. I was on bereavement leave and when I got back, they already announced top 10 Agents of the Year. It saddened me because it was my dream. I was so depressed since the passing of my grandmother and not being in the top 10.

I have now accepted that job is not be for me, but I know that there are other great things in store for me in the future. I came across home-based jobs that allowed me to work in the comfort of my home. Now I can say “this is it!”

For a copy of Lunalie’s resume please click here.