Lyka Mae Dagulo – CSR, Digital Marketing and Project Management

lyka-mae-dagulo-casualDigital Marketing has opened my eyes to a world of endless possibilities. The magic of how a few letters, a few sentences, can bring a business to new heights or take it down to its knees. Digital Marketing is the now, and I have joined this world, embracing it, and knowing that the future of every business lies within.

It wasn’t easy. The journey was rough and full of challenges, but I loved every minute of it! Learning and adapting to new technology. Understanding and analysing trends. Thinking outside of the box ideas and mixing them with established content. Simply finding what works and what doesn’t was an amazing trip.

A lot of what I’ve learned developed a great deal in my character. Traits that build up my own brand of:

1. Time Optimisation. To me, every minute counts, from the start of a project and all throughout. Punctuality is not just a virtue, it’s expected.

2. Great communication. Communication is a key feature. Written or spoken, always clear, concise, and straight to the point.

3. Analytical and Organised. Every effort must be worthwhile, all actions are accounted for.

4. Good judgement. Making the call is not easy, but it has to be done. Judgement involves not only knowing to choose the good from the bad, but picking out the best from the good!

5. Use of technology. Always stay current and relevant. With technology and the internet, there is always another way, no need to feel limited and confined. Technology is there to make things easier and that is used to the fullest.

6. Outside of the box. Ideas are everywhere and anywhere! Always have somewhere to note things down. The internet and digital marketing is a field of imagination, where the limitations of the past are nothing!

I have worked with a lot of companies and teams. I have been together with them in their digital journey, and I would love to be a part of yours!

Here’s a quick peak at what I can bring to our road trip to Digital Success:

• Manage digital advertising accounts. From budgeting to strategising and setting them live and performance optimisation
• Build campaigns in many digital advertising platforms such as ETV, ElToro, DataXu, Ubimo, Groundtruth,Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Merchant Center.
• Monitors overall search engine performance for SEO campaigns, reports on search metrics, including trend analysis
lyka-mae-dagulo-va• Assists in graphic design and video content tasks (web design, social media content, various ads)
• Implements back linking strategy and email marketing through Hubspot
• Building “Search” campaigns in AdWords using Keyword targeting
• PPC expert – from building AdWords campaigns to optimising them to ensure success
• Pipeline Management, make sure that the advertisers will keep the ads running and spending for 90 days
• Analysing the advertisers’ requests and make sure we get them right to help the business owners get their business goals (Example: Impressions and clicks, conversions)
• Strategise on how the advertiser’s modification requests with their campaigns are completed accurately. (Example: Changing the budget/impression goals per run dates, adding/removing tactics, changing of creatives or advertising materials such as video and banners.)

Let our journey begin! Allow me and my talents to bring you to the top of the Digital Marketing mountain.

For a copy of Lyka’s resume please click here.