Ma. Jan Nadine Custuna – CSR, Administration

ma-jan-nadine-custuna-casualHello, I’m Ma. Jan Nadine Custuna. Quite lengthy, right? So please call me Nadine. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a loving wife, a full-time volunteer retreat facilitator, travel-enthusiast, music-lover, nature-lover, and a dedicated freelancer.

I got my first job weeks after my graduation. I received a call from a well-known Filipino restaurant and was told that I was hired as a counter-staff member where I will be preparing salads, serving pastries and drinks for customers, and after a year I was promoted to catering assistant. I enjoyed my first job and learned to socialise with different people as I am a shy type of person.

After 3 years of working in the restaurant, I decided to start a small business selling my home-made pastries because I love to bake. I did all the work from purchasing to accounting. There was no social media at that time, so imagine how tough the work was, but I loved what I was doing so I did not mind the long tiring hours. In the 2nd year of my pastry business, a neighbour offered to help in marketing and selling my products and I was able to hire and teach an assistant. I was so blessed to have those people.

However, reality kicked me to my senses and that was when I decided to apply in a BPO company. I prayed to God saying if I don’t get accepted in the BPO company, I will pursue baking but if I get hired, then I will explore new skills. I got the job as a Customer Service Representative and learned to empathise with people. I was able to enhance my skills in communicating in both spoken and written English, typing and computer skills, and being customer-driven.
In 2009, I got married and worked in the same BPO company until 2010, but in the 2nd quarter of the same year, I was offered a Virtual Assistant job for a start-up company. I was trained to become a Real Estate General Virtual Assistant, performing data entry, database management, creating contracts, and much more. The job, though new to me, was fertile ground as it gave me perfect opportunities to work at home and spend time with family while earning in US dollars. I worked as a VA for 7 years and developed skills such as meeting deadlines, being open to study new skills, being detail-oriented, creative, organised, ma-jan-nadine-custuna-studioand reliable.

In 2017, I volunteered in our Catholic community as a Retreat Facilitator with my husband and in November 2019 I became pregnant. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage after 2 months and decided to continue volunteering in the community. The miscarriage and Covid-19 pandemic taught me to rely on God and to be optimistic in life. The world may be unfair to some, but it will depend on how you view the life you want to live in. Success is how you surpass every obstacle, every challenge, every failure in your life. My work experiences may be simple to people, but these experiences are the puzzle pieces that build what I am today.

I do my work with quality and heart because I believe that in whatever I do, in word or deed, I do it all in the name of our Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

I hope to be a great contributor to your business’ success. It would be an honour to be part of your team.

For a copy of Nadine’s resume please click here.