Make Him Yours

Make Him Yours was founded in 2015 by Mark Rosenfeld, now Australia’s leading dating and relationship coach for women. Mark fundamentally believes any empowered woman can successfully attract and keep a healthy relationship with a quality man, and that only by human’s feeling genuinely loved and accepted can we hope to prevent animal and human cruelty in the world.

Make Him Yours Best Selling BookMark has been a regular guest on a range of media outlets including, Style Magazine, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, The Good Men Project and more. His life-changing videos have received over 50 million views, and his book “Make Him Yours – Beating the Odds of Modern Dating” was a best-seller on Amazon. Mark also loves cats. 🙂

Where the Concepts of Make Him Yours Began

Mark struggled with his own shyness all throughout his high school and early college years. He then managed to turn his life around in 2009 and started teaching men and women how to overcome shyness and gain clarity and confidence in life.

In 2011, he began work as a professional stripper where he came to understand men’s actions and how they think, as it relates to women. He then noticed and studied behavioural patterns and started coaching dating to women he knew personally. Eventually, more and more women sought his advice.

Make Him Yours Today

Make Him Yours offers premium coaching as well as online programs. Each program is tailored to the clients current situation and as a platinum client, you will be coached directly by Mark himself to help you find love faster than you ever thought you could!

Make Him Yours LogoHis book, “Make Him Yours” and Mark’s coaching programs will re-kindle your hope for true love and give you the power to have confidence in yourself, and the motivation to manage the world of modern dating.

Working with Virtual Assistant Team

Virtual Assistant, Theresa Jane, works as Mark’s Executive Assistant – supporting him and making life easier while Mark then supports his clients on different platforms.

Theresa Jane’s goal is to take care of a variety of admin tasks to free Mark’s time up so he can concentrate on Make Him Yours clients as his confidence growth and dating systems gain even further recognition.

“Theresa is worth her wait in GOLD. I could not survive a day without her – she’s absolutely phenomenal.”
Mark Rosenfeld