Maresa Hernandez – Marketing Specialist

maresa hernandez vaHello! My name is Maresa Hernandez.

I was born and raised in Southeast Texas, USA, and today, this is still my home. Although I have traveled all over the world, I seem to always come back to this familiar place. I last traveled to Honduras, where my father is from, and Brazil, where my mother is from. I was able to travel for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday to visit my family and reunite with my grandparents.

I come from a large close-knit family with six brothers and one sister. I am the third oldest, but my two elder brothers are about 20 years older than me. I grew up feeling like I was the eldest as my older brothers no longer lived at home with my parents, myself, and five younger brothers and sisters.

I could be described as a goal-driven and detail-oriented optimist. I pride myself in always achieving goals that I set while making sure to always put my best and entire effort into most everything I do.

On a more personal note, in my free time, I love being outdoors among nature. During a beautiful sunny day, you would most likely find me hiking, swimming, or maybe rock climbing. I love the beauty of the earth and the peace of nature.

I come from a hardworking family of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The principles of business ethics, integrity, and hard work were instilled in me at a very young age. My father owned a construction company and both of my parents owned and managed real estate. My older brothers owned 3 restaurants locally. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by business-minded individuals.

As a pre-teen, I became very interested in business, and found and fell in love with marketing. My father shared with me some of his marketing campaigns and tactics and needless to say I was immediately captivated. I knew from about the age of 12-years-old that I wanted to study and have a career in business development and marketing.

In 2010, I was able to go on to pursue this dream at the age of sixteen when I finished High School. I then immediately began attending Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, USA. I graduated two years later in 2012 with an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

I soon after worked as an entry-level business associate at a very large local law firm. I truly loved working in this position. While in this role I learned so much. I managed several executive accounts and funding – in three languages! English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I also was fortunate enough to dabble in a bit of marketing. I was honoured to receive an “Employee of the Month” recognition on three separate occasions while at the company.

In November of 2015, after about three years of being with the company, I decided to return to school to obtain my bachelor’s degree. This time I studied at Southern States University and graduated at the start of last year, 2018, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (B.B.A) and majored in marketing.

It has been a bit over a year since graduating and during that time I have worked and flourished as a freelance digital marketing and social media manager. I love the ability to help clients from all parts of the world by working remotely. I have a real passion for serving clients with top-notch skills and helping improve business growth and development. I enjoy the VA industry and all that it brings to my clients as well as my personal life. I truly love what I do.

I look forward to serving you and helping to achieve your business goals in whatever way that I can. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you and also sharing with you who I am. I can’t wait to work with you!

For a copy of Maresa’s resume please click here.