Maria Cristina Santos – Task Manager and Brand Representative

maria-cristina-santos-portraitHi! Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my story and experiences with you. I’m Maria Cristina Santos. Can you believe that I was named after “Maria Cristina Falls”? It’s a waterfall located in Mindanao, Philippines. You can call me Tina or Cris but my family and friends used to call me Tin. I’m a jolly person, not so much outgoing, as I always prefer to be home with my son and husband instead of hanging out with friends.

I want to share with you now my work experiences. One bit of trivia about me is, I started working at the age of 15. I was in highschool at the time. I was hired as a Sales Ambassador for an International Company. It was just a summer job back then, but because I came to the point where I loved what I was doing, I continued working even after my summer contract ended. The manager didn’t hesitate to accept my renewal even though I was too young at that time (I had to get an authorisation letter from my mum). That is when I realised that I love working with people and doing my best in whatever task I’m assigned to do. Also, I wanted to help my parents financially so I strived hard to be one of the best Sales Ambassadors. My hard work paid off as I was awarded as “Top Sales Ambassador”! The company then wanted to regularise my employment, but I graduated High School as Batch Salutatorian and needed to take entrance exams for college. It was hard for me to leave my work but I needed to focus on my studies to get my scholarship.

As I continued my journey in College, I focused on maintaining my scholarship and had my certificate as a “Certified Internal Auditor”. I could jump into Accountancy if I wanted – but I chose not to. I started applying in different companies and I was hired as Task Manager at Mystery Manila. Everything was new to me but I skilled up easily because of my colleagues. Thankfully, each day it became easier for me. I loved thinking of new strategies to improve the volume of people that were visiting us. I could tell that it was a roller coaster job, but it was fulfilling.

Unfortunately, I needed to resign because we were going to move to another town. Luckily, I bumped into one of my highschool batchmates and she offered me a freelance job. I started as a brand ambassador/sales representative in a known skincare brand and I was also seen at some commercials and TV shows as support extra. This work continued for 4 years.

In May of 2018, we found out that I was pregnant. It was a bit complicated for me because I was at the peak of my career at that time, but of course, I chose to stop working to take care of myself and my baby. While I was on my first trimester, my husband and I started a small business and we were beyond blessed that it is still standing strong today.

After I gave birth, I heard some of my friends had home-based job as tutors/ESL teacher. In my mind, I wanted to try it (new experience for me), but I had doubts. My heart is really into making particular tasks, helping and interacting with people. My mind is also into sales, research, and customer service. Guess what happened? My heart and mind won over my pride of taking up to next challenge.

I was hired as a General Virtual Assistant in an international company. I was making amends with clients all over the world and focused my mind into finishing tasks and sales. Unfortunately, my grandfather died and my son caught a viral infection. I asked to have my vacation leave, but my team leader didn’t allow me. She told me that I was one of their most valuable agents and couldn’t give me permission for 10 days leave. Instead they can gave me 3 days off. I needed to choose – it was an emergency situation, so I chose to resign and focus on my personal issues.

After these difficulties, I started with my online shop page and began my buy and sell journey. The profit was good, we we’re blessed indeed, but I felt like something was missing. It’s not because I am not contented with my life. I was just looking for fulfillment. I needed something more to boost my confidence and improve my knowledge. I believe that God really works in mysterious ways. I bumped into another friend of mine and she shared with me some real life dilemmas and how she solved them. It was what I needed to hear this whole time! I realised that I needed to act more and stand on my own, so here I am now, following my heart again.

maria-cristina-santos-bondingI believe this is where my heart really belongs, my skills and strengths are in here, as I’m a very versatile person and can work under pressure. I have a strong interaction skills with people and knowing that I love solving problems and looking into solutions as fast as possible.

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you my hobbies. Well I love reading during my free time or watching action and horror movies. I can also sing, and I got some of my songs recorded.

Oh no! I think I’m beginning to write a novel with my “short story”. I know I still have many things to tell you but I’ll cut it here. We can still talk more of course, feel free to ask me, I’ll be honored!

Apologies for the long story, hope you came to know me better. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

For a copy of Cristina’s resume please click here.