Maria Donna A. Lobingco – Event Planner and Marketing Specialist

maria-donna-lobingco-vaBorn and raised in Cebu, Philippines, I grew up in a close family-oriented home that values hard work, integrity and harmony.

Hard work

“You reap what you sow.” I learned from my parents that nothing comes easy. Challenges may meet you along the way – but you have to get out of your comfort zone and persevere from every failure. If you have a goal in mind, and you put your heart and commitment into your work, success will follow.


Five years of working in Events has strengthened my character in dealing with all walks of life. I believe in treating people fairly and consistently no matter what environment it is – from upscale clients to the maintenance personnel of the company, the same respect must be shown. Learning from others without judgment is how I’ve grown to become more open minded and mindful.


Be here now. Wherever you are, be there – be here now. Be there fully and completely. It is about focusing your time and energy to accomplish what you need to do, so you can spend time doing other important things that makes you happy as well. Spending more quality time with my family is my main priority.

I have a two year old son and my spouse has his own architectural firm. I gave up my corporate job after working 5 years as Marketing Officer in the biggest retail industry in the Philippines to support my husband’s start-up.

My specialisation is Events Management. I have handled various events from product launching, fashion shows, exhibitions right through to fun runs. Organising events needs a passionate heart and enthusiasm to work beyond your boundaries. You are pressured with late nights and going to work early the next day, multi tasking, paper work, making sure you don’t miss paying your suppliers and doing leg work all at the same time! It is tiring sometimes, but with my motivation to learn everything that I can, I won’t complain. I am very grateful for every opportunity given.

Events Management teaches you to how to be highly organized and to anticipate in all your planning – which is a useful skill for your daily activities as well. You will be amazed how you are transformed positively in challenging circumstances. In the end, as long as I uphold my values, the job is very fulfilling.

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