Maria Iris Pardillo – Sales & Content Writer

Maria Iris Pardillo FormalA highly competitive online professional who can do the task of a Virtual Assistant and a Teacher. I have the passion to upgrade skills to provide an excellent service to clients.

I am an experienced office Sales Administrator with the ability to succeed as a Sales Administration Executive. I thrive in challenging environments and achieve the best results for customer’s satisfaction.

I graduated from my studies at the University of San Carlos with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. I took up the course for only four years and a half.

I worked with several companies from the furniture industry, manufacturing and done some freelancing jobs. The longest employment I have was with ABB, Inc. I was there for fifteen years. I got the chance to be trained locally and abroad which allows me to meet some of my colleagues around the globe. There was a time I had to do a task for three people, and still managed my time to finish my work. My roles included Service Coordinator, Order Handler, Commercial Support, General Service and General Administrator. I process customer’s order including dispatch and invoicing, prepare hit rate analyses, on-Maria Iris Pardillo Gardentime delivery report, coordinate with brokers for import goods and prepares shipping documents, just to name a few. I delivered goods and services to customers 100% on time and 100% no delays in preparing quotations to clients. In those years I managed to graduate from a short-term course. I took up a Diploma in Special Education. I was able to render at least 80-hours service teaching children with special needs.

Recently, I just graduated in online digital skills training where I have learned lead generation, graphic design, social media marketing, email marketing WordPress, E-commerce, transcription, video editing, and others.

I have also volunteered as a coach in our school teaching basic communication skills to former drug dependents in our city.

I believe I will be of value to your team for I am goal-oriented and a committed employee who is open-minded, eager to learn, and the type of person whom you and your staff can rely on and expect to deliver the level of excellence expected.

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