Maria Janae Patrice Briones – Human Resources and Marketing

maria-janae-patrice-briones-modelMy name is Maria Janae Patrice Briones, my friends call me Janae. I took up a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, and was an active staff member of the Student Council until I decided to work for a BPO company in my last year. The company I worked with for a year focused more on recruitment as it is a huge key in producing sales. After working with them for 3 months, the managers saw huge potential in me as a recruiter more than a top selling agent. From then on, I was assigned to Human Resources as a Recruitment Specialist.

That led me into realising what I really want to do in life. So, for the rest of the year until October of 2019 when I left, I became one of the top recruiters in our company. Since my role entails me to partner with hiring managers to determine staffing needs, I was able to nurture skills in choosing the right people for the job offer. The experience also taught me to manage people even in a remote location with limited staffing and minimal supervision from the managers.

You might be wondering; why did I leave an amazing company that helps me flourish? Well, to answer your question, my parents wanted me to pursue my degree in Accountancy and so I did.

For a short-while, I worked as part of the accounting staff for a Chinese Franchise Restaurant, where only 4 of the employees speak English, not including the 2 translators who were always doing field work. That experience taught me that language isn’t the only form of communication. Sometimes a simple Microsoft maria-janae-patrice-briones-portraitspreadsheet can help you communicate with your colleagues whose English is limited to “yes and no”. My role as an Accounting staff member was not limited to just managing and preparing financial statements, I also had to prepare and check payroll records for our staff. And since the work I did for my past company focused on recruitment, I was able to utilise that in helping our recruitment staff as the restaurants were constantly hiring. To this day, they still use the recruitment strategies I taught them.

And since I really loved what I was doing for the first company I worked with, at the side of being an accounting staff member, I was also working as a virtual assistant for one of the managers there. My role as a VA focused more on administrative tasks such as email management, social media management and creating an easier way for them to track sales.

I am the type of person who practices precision and accuracy for all the things I do. So for me to be able to use those skills in favour of other people is fulfilling. I am not a work-a-holic, but when I say I take my time in getting things done, it means I exert extra effort into finishing a task in a time frame that won’t take up too much of my day, and my client’s.

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