Maria Teresa A. Solis – Office Administration, Cold Calling and Transcription

maria-teresa-solis-officeHi! I’m Tess, short name for Maria Teresa Abacan Solis.

I am a mother of 2 great kids – Marc Bennedict, 23 and Arielle Mae, 14. We live in Olongapo, Zambales where the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (an Economic Free Zone) is just a stone’s throw away and shopping malls and duty-free shops are within walking distance. It’s an awesome place gifted with beautiful beaches and small islands and reefs.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and have worked as an Office Admin in the UAE for more than 13 years in various industries such as Marketing, PR, Advertising, Events, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation. I have freelanced as a Data Entry Specialist, Accounts Clerk and Transcriptionist.

Throughout my career, I’ve mastered the art of office organisation and learned how to work smarter, not just harder – to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently.

Being “the go-to-person” at my last place of work in the UAE, my responsibilities were not limited to answering calls and emails and handling routine office work. Management of Designers’ Tasks/Projects, Ad campaigns and proposals, Events and Media/PR were some of my major responsibilities.

maria-teresa-solis-tennisI could help you with managing your emails, files, calendars/schedules, social media and website accounts, creating branded visual copy/content for social media, email marketing campaigns, blogs and web design. Oh, and I can help you out with online research, lead generation and data entry as well. Should you decide to delegate these tasks to me, I would certainly deliver with promptness and accuracy.

More importantly, email management, cold calling/lead generation/database management, online market research, media monitoring, proofreading, branding are some of the important tasks that I am good at.

In freelancing, we never stop learning. We need to keep up with the latest trends and technological advances to stay ahead of the curve. To stay up to date, I recently trained as a General Virtual Assistant to enhance my skills and update my knowledge in the latest tools and apps designed to increase work efficiency and productivity.

Given a clear brief on what is expected of me and the right tools to complete the tasks, I can take on any job assignment. I am a highly systematic and efficient multi-tasker with a keen eye on details and a team player who is ready to take on challenging tasks and eager to discover and learn new skills.

I love fun activities like videokes, zumba, DIY paper maché projects, brilliant Tiny House furniture designs, watching funny videos and traveling.

I have recently developed an interest in writing and am keen to take it to the next level. I realised that in order for me to be a better writer, I need to re-awaken my passion for reading. Just like what the famous American author, Stephen King once said, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others; read a lot and write a lot”.

Let’s focus on what we do best! I’m here to assist you in everything admin so you can steer your business forward.

For a copy of Maria’s resume please click here.