Marianella M. Ayroso – Marketing Officer

marianella-ayroso-vaHi, am Minelle 🙂

I’d love to assist you in your daily routine be it personal, shopping, data entry, or manage your schedules as well as emails.

Where do I start? After working for the same company for years, seems like I don’t even know how to write my story anymore.

Here goes …. I have been with my previous company for 21 years. I like staying with the same company for as long as I possibly can. I started as a secretary then became an executive assistant. After a few years, I transferred to sales then to marketing. And yes, I also have background in sales and I would say I have an excellent customer service. My previous clients still communicate with me from time to time and I love assisting them with their needs. I believe that being in sales is not just increasing your numbers but building friendships. I rose up to the challenge!

During my early years with my previous company, I used to organize the system and daily processes in our office, starting with the receiving of the order then to the encoder then to credit for approval. After all the documents are properly processed, it will then be handed over to our production and then logistics. The system I made efficiently addressed the backlog at the encoding and releasing of documents so were are able to deliver the needs of our sales team resulting in increased sales.

I’m the eldest in a family of five. I took care of my siblings. I am also a single mom. Being the eldest and a mom taught me to be organized, systematic, and have a balance work and personal life. I also have good communication skills.

marianella-ayroso-vaI love to travel with my family at least once a year. I love to DIY our travels since it’s cheaper and I can create our itinerary based on the places we want to visit and the activities we want to do.

I also experienced planning and executing three weddings and a 50th birthday celebration in between my job, and I must say, it were all a blast. I know how to find good suppliers and good at negotiations. And I love to go the extra mile be it for a friend or client.

I’m dependable, determined, flexible, persistent, fast learner and with a positive attitude. I’m good at multitasking, organized and systematic.

I really would love to assist you in any way I can.

For a copy of Marianella’s resume please click here.