Mark Anthony C. Omega – Bookkeeping and Accounts Management

mark-anthony-omega-formalGood day! My name is Mark Omega.

“The pursuit of knowledge is a life-long process. There will always be knowledge to learn and skills to acquire.”

My passion for learning started at a young age. Growing up in a broken family and in poverty made me realise that things are not handed down to you easily and only education can change your predicament. Despite my circumstances, I hustled my way to survive and worked hard to earn a university scholarship. Studying and working at the same time is not an easy feat, but it allows you to learn “fortitude” and acquire “outside of the box” thinking. With the grace of God, I was able to earn a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration major in Management.

My career started in the banking industry; working both in the private and government sectors allowed me to understand the utmost importance of confidentiality. If you prove yourself reliable despite being exposed to a lot of confidential information, you will gain your clients’ confidence. As a frontliner in this industry, I was accustomed to handling a variety of customers from irate clients to busy VIPs. I have developed a strong and keen eye for details because committing mistakes in this field is very costly.

mark-anthony-omega-vaAfter working for 4 years in the banking industry, I switched to the online world and brought my technical skills and experience in my transition. I tested the waters in the content creation field through product and job description writing. I was employed in a startup company called “Thumbtack.” I was very productive and able to achieve great numbers with about 350% above the quota. I ended my contract with this company because they transitioned to automating their processes, which mostly focused on algorithms rather than manual work.

One of the most fulfilling times in my career was when I worked as an Executive Assistant for a Doctor in Sacramento. I learned the ropes on how to significantly improve his busy schedule. I was introduced to a number of technologies and software used in managing his personal life, as well as his business. I handled a lot of responsibilities; most of it was on the financial side. I was tasked to handle Quickbooks bookkeeping, payroll processing, federal document filing, accounts receivable and payable managing, financial statement analysing, and many more. When I’m not doing accounting, I work on keeping the operation flow. Generally speaking, my main responsibility was to organise his life and reduce expenditure as much as possible.

Although my tenure with the doctor has finished, I will be forever grateful to him for how he paved my path as an effective “Executive Assistant.” Even today, I am still using some of the same techniques and skills that I was taught. I have learned a lot from him and am continually learning how to become a more competent virtual assistant.

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