Mark Peralta – Civil Engineer

Mark-Peralta-vaIn the Philippines, I am a licensed civil engineer. I had never considered being an engineer since I was a child. In my final two years of high school, I got completely obsessed with mathematics, and it quickly became my favorite subject. It was at that point that I realized how much I enjoy fixing difficulties. The challenge of coming up with solutions fascinates me and attaining results delights me greatly. Engineering is the most convenient college course to fuel this enthusiasm.

My professional experience has mostly centered on Construction Project Management and Construction Building, where I have assisted in the pre-construction and construction stages of the majority of the projects I have worked on. In my 5 years in the industry, I’ve carefully developed my core competencies in quantity surveying, bidding/tender administration, and construction contract management, and I’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from the most basic residential condominium projects to the most complex hotel projects. I appreciated being a part of pre-construction since I was able to participate in many stages of design (from concept to the schematic to final), as well as material selections and locating the right supplier and contractor.

while keeping the project cost and budget in mind for each requirement During these stages, I was exposed to a lot of interaction, communication, and negotiations, which allowed me to meet people with a variety of personalities and cultures, ranging from the President/CEO to salespeople, other professionals, and workers. As a result, I not only learn about my career but also about people, which makes a difference.

Mark-Peralta-vaI’ve learned a variety of talents that will enable me to fit in with your organization. My job in the industry also gave me considerable exposure to various civil engineering projects. I also have teaching expertise in Civil Engineering, which I gained at the Technological Institute of the Philippines. My multi-tasking and organizing skills are excellent. I’m excited to be a member of your organization. Furthermore, my nearly two-year teaching experience would be an excellent qualification and potential in my teaching profession.

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