Mark Raveneil T. Martinez – Insurance Auditor

mark-raveneil-tongco-martinez-officeI am the 8th son and the youngest among my siblings. I grew up with my family living in a provincial life in the city of Tacloban, which became famous because of the typhoon Haiyan and devastated the city last November 6, 2013. I did all my best not to lose hope after the typhoon. I always think that my family was lucky because no one perished during the onslaught of one of the biggest typhoons in Philippine history. However, our properties and home was destroyed.

My mum is a loving housewife who’s always there to support us. My father works as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Saudi. He is a loving and a good provider of our needs. We are not spoiled with material things, but we are spoiled by their love and care. They always told us that they have no money or properties to leave us; only the good moral and good character they are making out of us. The way they raised us has prepared us in facing our future.

Amidst of all the destruction of the typhoon, I continued my study and after a few months, I graduated with flying colours with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

After graduating, I landed a job in a government owned and controlled corporation, which caters for universal health care and benefits to all Filipino in Tacloban City. I became a part of the customer service or frontline of the corporate mark-raveneil-tongco-martinez-sportdepartment. Then after few months, I was promoted and transferred to be part of the back office quality assurance team.

While working in the government, my supervisor encouraged me to pursue my study in Law. I almost completed two years, but since I was not yet financially stable, I dropped out in my third year.

After my career in the government, I ventured into a private corporate office here in Manila where I became a part of product specialist of ZEISS surgical microscope equipment. I performed hospital demonstration with high end doctors from simple surgical operation to neurology and other microscopic operation that needs powerful equipment.

After my work experience as a medical equipment representative, I considered applying in BPO. I applied as a customer service representative in, one of the biggest retail stores in the US. I assist customers over the phone with their online shopping, checking item(s) availability, tracking their orders and their damaged items.

After 6 months, I was promoted as a Subject Matter Expert. I performed administrative tasks and conducted up-skill training to newbies. I also performed quality assurance and as part of my administrative task, I track all survey and status of the team. I was also relocated to one of the newly opened site during peak season to be one of the supports.

Currently, I am an insurance premium auditor in Overland Solutions Inc. As a premium auditor, I am focused on auditing and examining financial records and operations of insurance policy holder analysing information and checking for any possible discrepancy and possible fraud, and to make sure laws and regulations of the state are being implemented and followed.

My work includes, Workers’ Compensation, OCIP and Wrap up. I am currently working with Zurich NA and with Berkeley.Net. Together with this task, I have to answer all email and correspondence that I receive within the day. I need to answer incoming calls and make return calls if necessary. I also need to check my voice-box on a daily basis in order to not miss any insured calls. I need to document all my attempts and conversation with the insured to our tracker. I have to make sure that all documents that I received from the insured are well arranged and organised. I have to attend meetings if necessary and most of all before the end of the day, I need to submit 3 to 5 completed write-ups to review as a part of my daily production. I am proud to say that since January of this year, I am rank 1 insurance premium auditor. I always maintain my score cards and I am always on top and excel in my performance. I also always receive positive feedback from our insured which I completed and audit.

Last September, a former officemate of mine asked me to venture into remote jobs. Now that the traffic is getting worse every day, I decided to try my luck in finding a client where I can showcase my skills and share my work ethic.

For a copy of Mark’s resume please click here.