Featured Sales and Marketing Virtual Assistants


Eleine De Ocampo

Elaine is an experienced e-Commerce and Sales Representative. She also worked as a Consultant for a skin service center in the Philippines.

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Bryan June Dimaranan

Ramielle is a graduate of Bachelor in Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has work experience in Sales and Marketing and is skilled in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Product Listing, Image and Video Editing.

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Bryan June Dimaranan

Bryan has a 10-year work experience in the BPO industry. He has handled various accounts including Solar Panels and Auto Insurance. He is skilled in Online Marketing, Data Encoding, Cold calling, List Building, Web Research, Telemarketing, and LinkedIn Outreach.

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April Ranel M. Escobillo

I am equipped with experience in marketing from working as a Marketing Head of a local private company. I am also equipped with Communication skills as I have a degree in Communications Arts major in Media Arts.

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Charles John Burio Aban

I was a Customer Support Specialist then I ventured in homebased jobs as a Real Estate Administrative Assistant. I handled REO properties, listing agreements and sales contracts, client communication, CRM management, marketing and other admin tasks.

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Alyssia Valentin

I enjoy working with CRM systems – Convertkit, Ontraport and Mailchimp. Some of my best creative work is content generation and designing newsletters. I know funnels, email sequencing, launch campaigns, landing pages, list building and contact management.

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Merick Abreu

Merick is a seasoned Marketing Associate with a passion for Brand Management. She is experienced with developing marketing strategies, effective advertising, and content marketing. Merick is familiar with handling Social Media platforms, dealing with the press, organising promotional events and conducting market research and competitor analysis. She also has skills in the range of Adobe applications and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management.

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Jernaliss Shyll Emperio Ortega

Jernaliss has worked as an Executive Assistant with a strong background in sales and marketing. She has superior communication skills and has excellent written English. She has held leadership and management roles and can take care email management and other administrative tasks.

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Cherryl Marie Sumogat

Cherryl is a Virtual Assistant who is well versed in the area of Link Building. She has experience with blog commenting, data entry and social media posting. Cherryl is well organised, has the ability to follow directives effectively and has spent some time in sales.

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Jemima B. Franco

My first job was an Executive Assistant for a BPO company located in Clark, Pampanga. I then transitioned into a VA after finishing a course with ASMI (Australian Skills Management Institutes).

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Elaine Heart A. Ejares

I am a stay-at-home mum with work experience as a sales representative at a local mall in Cebu City.

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Marianella M. Ayroso

I have worked in the corporate world from being a Secretary, Executive Assistant and Marketing Officer. I’m dependable, determined, flexible, persistent, fast learner and with a positive attitude. I’m good at multitasking, organized and systematic.

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Philip Drexel Maraya

I started out as a call center agent then upgraded my skills into the digital marketing world. I have been a team leader to various Virtual Assistants with different skill sets handling different clients, from data entry, graphic designers, web designers and etc.

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Maria Suzeth Sinogaya

I’ve worked as a Manager for quite some time, a Japanese Translator and a student of Law. I have always believed that if there is a will there is a way and everything happens for a reason.

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Ederlinda Palla Doydora

I’ve been working in the corporate world for 13 years, recently I worked in Logistics and Sales. These experiences have taught me how to deal with different people, develop my communication skills and be more confident.

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Pearl Josceluisa P. Pajar

I am versatile when it comes to work and I am always glad and eager to know more things along the way, whether it is about work or just about any random thing in life that I may add to my knowledge.

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Danna Antoinette B. Lu

I was a Marketing Specialist. I did cold calling and brought revenue to the company. I have also experience in Customer Service and Tech Support. I worked hard till I got my degree in Bachelor of Science Major in Tourism.

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Charlene A. Romualdo

I am a loving mother with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Export Management and a job experience as a Management Trainee in Sales.

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Ma. Irene Genina Esteban Cudilla

I have a wide range of Customer Service experience, I also became an ESl Tutor, Analyst/Researcher and then a VA. I am a fast learner, a team player and go the extra mile with my work to get more satisfaction with my clients.

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Shaina Marie Malinao

I am a Virtual Assistant and a Business Development Specialist. I took some online courses and training like Social Media Management. I also watched free online courses at UDEMY to gain more and more skills.

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Jenevie Arcenal

I have worked as a Telemarketer, and as a Financial Consultant and then decided to be a Virtual Assistant. I took some training on how to use Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas for video editing, Social Media Management, Web Design, and Graphic Design, Copywriting, Shopify and Amazon Fba.

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Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. I am an Account Specialist and an Event Coordinator. I have learned to make quotations, prepare orders, and do telemarketing or cold calling. I also learned how to canvass and negotiate with suppliers.

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Chrislyn S. Cabahug

I graduated with a degree in Information System. Fortunately, the company where I interned hire me as an SEO specialist. I also worked as a Telephone Banker and lastly as a Collections Account Agent.

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Ronald Renan Baricante

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Business Administration. I am a Data Entry and Lead Generation Specialist with skills in social media management and Magento.

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Ailea Florence Aquino

I am a Virtual Assistant with an extensive experience in Administrative Assistance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Business Development.

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Jane Aires P. Del Puerto-Mercado

Jane is an SEO Specialist and Project Manager. She knows WordPress, Ecommerce, Account Management, Telemarketing and Social Media Marketing.

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Gizzle M. Saygo

I have worked in Social Media Management and Marketing – working with platforms that include LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I am a talented photographer – covering the local and International areas. My other skills include Graphic Design, Calendar Management, Video Production, Search Engine Optimisation, and Shopify and WordPress maintenance. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

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Regin Victor Paloma

I have worked as a Customer Service Representative and Sales Support Officer. My strength lies in managing leads from the moment of contact through to their conversion into a client. My customer service role involved me addressing a customer’s concern, empathising and resolving the matter for them in the fastest possible time. I also dealt with escalated calls that other team members were having issues with. I value time so I have good time management skills, can easily relate to people, and appreciate that we are all individuals.

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Lea A. Salvador

I am a Customer Service and Sales Specialist working with Inbound and Outbound calls. I have handled customer complaints and appeals, sold products via cold calling, and performed data entry. I have excellent communication skills, can multi-task with ease, have been responsible for calendar management and appointment scheduling as well as email management.

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MD. Imran Shakil

I have a degree in Business Studies – Major in Management. I am an effective Sales Manager, proficient with ERP’s and inventory management, as well as logistic support. I can assist with office administration, preparation of reports, billings and cash management as I have worked as an Assistant Accountant. I can work solo or with a team, am committed to achieving deadlines, and can work under pressure.

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Angelica Apostol Saguinsin

I am a Sales, Marketing and Social Media Manager. I have worked with WordPress, MS Office, Google Apps, Slack and PhotoEditor. I have experience with a range of social media platforms and email campaigns. I have performed cold calling, created systems to streamline sales processes and organised large events in cost effective ways. I have a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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Icar A. Ballesteros

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and this has assisted me with my work as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content writer and link builder. I am skilled with WordPress, email management and content creation. I enjoy working with and interacting with others, and have also worked as a Customer Service Representative. My writing skills are advanced and I’ve even proofread and edited manuscripts from authors.

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Megan Clare S. Bocao

I am an experienced sales representative and coordinator with excellent communication skills – both written and verbal. I have a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and have worked heavily in the travel and accommodation arena where I was involved with hotel sales. I am assertive, have excellent time management skills, am determined to reach and exceed targets, and perform my work with genuine enthusiasm.

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Cedrick Cruz Laurente

I am an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist with experience designing WordPress websites. I also have experience in Customer Service and and Encoding. I am good with problem solving, Microsoft apps, and I am trustworthy and reliable.

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Thomas Garfield Ingalls

I am a lead generation expert and Digital Marketing is my field. I manage websites, social media, create and automate email campaigns and build landing pages and click funnels. I am positive, innovative, creative and always face up to a challenge.

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Ma. Katrina Victoria M. Fontanilla

I am an efficient lead generator, appointment setter, and customer service officer. I have worked with Australian and US clients, taking inbound and performing outbound calls. I can handle client complaints and assist clients in solving issues. I am hardworking, passionate and determined.

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aniel Dennis D. Sarroza

I am passionate about Customer Service and Sales – after working my way up to the position of Senior Operations Manager. I have worked with teams to achieve all KPI targets, excelled with problem solving, improved the company’s employee engagement and retention and been in charge of Quality Control. You’ll find me proactive, determined to master every step of your process, and a team player.

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Marvin D. Mahilum

I have worked in the BPO industry for nearly a decade – mixing with difficult cultures and adjusting to individual requirements. I have been a Customer Service Representative, Quality Assurance Specialist, Recruiter, Technical Support Officer, and Admin Support. I have managed teams, coached, and even worked as an ESL tutor for Chinese students. I can work with minimal supervision, and I am reliable, flexible and customer-driven.

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Katherine Mae E. Laureano

I am a hard working, quick learning Virtual Assistant with a wide range of administrative and business development skills. I have worked as a Marketing Specialist – generating leads for sales teams and maintaining a database in Salesforce. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and also have experience as a Customer Service Representative.

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Charlyn M. Tomayao

I have over 10 years experience in outsourcing… I can assist you with sales, management, team coaching and handling. I have worked in the areas of Quality Assurance – monitoring agents and supplying assessments, Customer Service – assisting customers with inquries, and Sales Training – creating manuals, and recruiting and training agents. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and understand what it takes to make a successful organisation grow as I have owned an managed an Electronics Store.

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Marifer I. Litang

I am a sales specialist with a passion for innovation, providing great service, and positive customer care. I have experience as a sales consultant and have proven my ability to sell products. I can perform office work, including encoding and preparation of paperwork. I also have a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication.

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Marie Cris E. Mabuhay

I have a wide range of skills to offer your organisation. I have worked in sales and marketing as a Lead Generation Specialist and Telemarketer. I am a Team Leader with coaching and management skills. I can also perform Customer Service and Technical Support. You will find me receptive, enthusiastic and a person of great integrity.

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Angela Lou D. Cubol

I have worked as a Team Leader of client care, a Sales and Marketing Specialist, a Customer Service and Billing Rep, and Outbound Sales Agent. I’ve handled on average 50 to 75 calls a day in a call centre environment – answering questions and solving issues and complaints. I am proactive, motivated and efficient.

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Ann Margaret Ylanan

My goal is to benefit your organisation with my administrative, marketing and interpersonal skills. I have experience as a Project Coordinator, Administrative Assistant and Leasing Officer. I have facilitated meetings, performed customer service, and been a researcher, writer, reporter and videographer! I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and would love to assist your public relations and marketing efforts.

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rochelle sanchez va

Rochelle Sanchez

I have worked as a Brand Ambassador and Customer Service Representative in a variety of industries – marketing, liquor products, and telecommunications. I am skilled in solving customer’s problems, can work independently and have administrative skills.

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Isaac Wanjiku VA

Isaac Wanjiku

I have worked as a top Marketing Executive and Customer Relations Specialist. My projects have been wide and varied, from developing Google Ads for real estate through to branding artists and businesses. I have excellent leadership skills, am well versed in strategic planning, adaptable and well organised.

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Norhanah Faizel VA

Norhanah Faizal

I have always dreamed of being a “career woman”, and would be honoured to bring my enthusiasm, sales skills and marketing talents to your organisation. I have a degree in Business Administration major in Marketing Management, and have been an active participant in the Business Bazaars at the Notre Dame of Marbel University. I have good oral and written communication, and I am computer literate and hardworking.

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Cherry Rose Enares

Over my career I have developed a number of skills that are sure to assist you organisation to grow. I have excellent English communication skills – after being an online English Teacher to both Japanese and Chinese students. I have performed research and written theses and dissertations, and was the Marketing Manager for a large shopping complex. I have worked across all media platforms (print, radio, TV and digital) for marketing.

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Kristel Dianne Arce

I am an Administrator, Customer Service Representative and Sales Agent. I have worked in a wide variety of environments from billings in print media through to customer care in the hotel industry. I have handled sales, billing complaints and even performed tech support for customers in the IT industry. You’ll find me dynamic, resourceful, and more than capable of building strong relationships with clients and helping you to achieve your organisational goals.

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Rajesh Gajjar

I have been in the BPO industry for 14 years and find it an interesting and mentally stimulating career. I have learned a lot about people and their patterns of behaviour and thought processes. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with people from around the world and have worked in sales, supplied customer service, and worked in the ‘back office’.

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Khushi Agarwal Gajjar

I began working as a Tele Sales Executive and became one of the Top 5 Executives. I always believed in delivering Quality Sales and was granted awards for my performance. I have worked in processes like Telecom Sales (sold contractual cell phones), Lead Generation, Inbound Customer Service, Upselling, Upgrades, and conducted surveys over the phone.

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Stephanie Radan

I have worked in Sales and Customer Service, and performed Lead Generation for educational facilities and accounting firms. I have updated CRM’s, created Monthly and Weekly newsletters through MailChimp and GetResponse, and also created training documents and videos for the marketing team’s I have worked with.

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Luijey Obrador

When I first became a Virtual Assistant, I was initially trained for SEO related tasks and customer service. Over time my roles have changed as I have gained more experience, running successful campaigns for social media and Ebay. I have led teams and also worked individually with clients maintaining their busy schedules and updating their website content.

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Isabelle Gavino

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and have spent many years learning the unique intricacies of the B2B (Business-to-Business) industry. I have a background in Customer Service and have worked in Sales promoting digital products.

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Kevin Niño V. Amistad

I am a Lead Generation Specialist with on-the-job knowledge of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. On top of that I have above average technical skills after commencing studies in Information Technology. I am a fast-learner and have an eye for detail. I am also very eager to learn new skills and develop them to better support you as my potential employer.

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Charmen Katipuna

I have worked in the BPO industry and as a Virtual Assistant, helping clients grow their businesses and achieve their goals. I have also worked as a Sales Operations Administrator for a large IT Company and Customer Service Rep helping in Technical Support. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Major in Industrial Psychology) I enjoy connecting with clients – helping to resolve their issues in efficient and effective ways.

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