Mary Ann Martinez – Administrative Assistant

mary-anne-martinez-outingHello, I’m Mary Ann (but most of my friends and relatives called me Maan or Ann). I know everybody has their own unique or adventure story… and I hope my story can be just as exciting when everybody reads it.

So, here is my story so you can get to know me better…

I am the second amongst two siblings. My parents became separated after I graduated from college, and it was the most painful graduation gift I ever received. That event in our lives was very depressing, but I needed to be strong for my family and for myself. I promised myself what happened to my parents will never happen to myself and my kids.

Now I have my own family. I am a mother of four boys, and I am very proud of my family and my husband. He is determined to reach his dreams. I learned a lot from him and his family. And in a way I really envy him that he has a beautiful family, even though they are not that rich – his father is a construction worker and his mother a mary-ann-martinez-bondinghousewife. I got to see firsthand the importance of a close-knit family despite them not having enough money to sustain 7 siblings. They united to solve the problem. His family taught me never to give up whatever happens. If problems come into your life, giving up or leaving each other is not the answer to the problem in your marriage, career, financials and being a mother.

I graduated Bachelor of Science Psychology and I am proud to say that I am one of the students granted a full scholarship. In return for this opportunity I studied hard and maintained my grades. I became part of the student council and I was a scholar of our school. I was also a part-time working student to help my parents with our daily expenses during my college days.

Time goes by…

I got a job in the corporate world and I gained knowledge and experience about the job, customer service, sales and marketing, administrative works and becoming a professional. When I began my own family, everything changed. Then one day I met up with one of my friends and he introduced me to working online. I was amazed because he could work without leaving his house, see his kids now and then, while personally taking care of their school needs while earning. That really got my attention. He taught me everything I needed know and I landed a job as a freelancer.

I gained more knowledge about working as a VA – not only are skills important in this job but also the attitude on how you handle your responsibilities – and I knew my skills and knowledge were still not enough. That’s why I am eager to learn and improve myself so I can share my skills with the company and be part of their winning team, and one thing I always promise to myself is I will make my client’s life easier especially in their business.

Now I am happy working as a Virtual Assistant with jack of all trades in skills and knowledge. I am not just a simple Virtual Assistant; I am willing to go the extra mile to meet my client’s satisfaction.

For a copy of Mary’s resume please click here.