Mary Kathleen Kristel Tagatac – General Virtual Assistant

mary-tagatac-profileHello there! I’m Mary Kathleen Kristel Tagatac, a 33-year-old licensed pharmacist. My name’s quite a mouthful so you may call me Kristel.

Prior to becoming a freelancer, I worked for years as a retail and regulatory company pharmacist. I have been in charge of prescription dispensing during my retail pharmacist years, then I became a member of a Research and Development team and was part of product innovations. I was in charge of regulatory affairs correspondence with the local FDA including product registration, company licensing, and company products profiling. I was also in charge of product quality control/quality assurance during the manufacturing stages, storage, and distribution of the company products.

I married in 2009 and now I am a mother to 2 children, focusing on home-based jobs. I have been a freelancer since 2011 which allowed me to gain more experience and enhance my skills further. I believe I can definitely be an all-around virtual assistant for I have experience in several online jobs.

First of these is that I’m an expert in data entry, data classification, and data analysis. Throughout my freelancing years, I’m continuously accepting data encoding, classification, and analysis projects. I have extensive experience in research and article writing on different topics such as medical or the health care field, fashion, parenting, etc.

I’ve also written product descriptions and reviews for different products such as gadgets, artwork, appliances, etc. I’ve done a number of mainly virtual assistance and customer chat and email support jobs.

I am computer literate. I often use Microsoft Office software and their Google counterparts, a regular user of social media platforms, online shopping or travel platforms, communication software, etc. I also have experience in simple photo and video editing. In addition to my medically related experience, I’ve also performed remote Pharmacovigilance. That specific project involved crucial adverse events monitoring plus information encoding.

Aside from my work-related experiences, I think it’s also important to share some personal activities which greatly help becoming a virtual assistant. I personally do some of my shopping online, an book my personal flight and hotel accommodation online. I create simple layouts or designs, and edit personal family videos as well.

To get a picture of how I am as a person and as a freelancer, I am proud to say I am an honest one. I was raised by my parents, to be honest in everything I do and be honest with other people. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and this innate characteristic makes me perform tasks with no errors; I treat accuracy with utmost importance. I am organised and detail oriented. I don’t procrastinate; when I am assigned with tasks, I make sure I finish them as soon as I can. I’m ready to take on new tasks for I’m a fast and eager learner. Lastly, I’m a dedicated freelancer who always aims to provide high-quality results to my clients.

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