Mary Lindh S. Briñas – CSR and Senior Analyst

mary-lindh-brinas-profileMy name is Mary Lindh Brinas and I’m 35 years old. I was born and raised here in the Philippines.

I am an experienced Professional and have 10+ years working in BPO Industry. I started off my career as Sr. Process Executive 9 years ago with HSBC Bank Data Processing Inc., where I performed the full cycle of customer service duties for 4 years. After that, I worked as Sr. Operations Coordinator for 5 years with Capital One Bank where I performed as duties as Subject Matter Expert in all aspects for customer service, month-end close procedures and assisted Operation Managers and Directors to train and develop newly hired and tenured agents.

My last job was with Cognizant Solutions for the largest search engine which is Google where I performed as Sr. Analyst to assist YouTube TV subscribers about their billing and payment concerns; including troubleshooting with any of their technical difficulties.

Being an experienced professional for customer service, I earned the badge for being an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and have proven data analysis as a problem solver. I am a self-starter thus I have the ability to work from home (or other locations) with minimal oversight to manage multiple projects and deadlines – with no excuses.

mary-lindh-brinas-petI am reliable, self-motivated and an efficient Independent Representative with experience providing remote administrative and customer service support across the globe. Backed by my superior communication and multitasking capabilities, I excel at providing exceptional off-site support and generating optimal productivity and success for the businesses.

My strengths are people skills and problem-solving skills and making sure that everything around my executive’s projects are organised to make sure there are no missed tasks, no matter how small. Those small tasks, if piled up, may become a bigger problem – as we all know! My skills allow me to thrive in fast-paced independent environments that let me put my time management and organisational skills to great use for this profession.

My weakness is that I tend to take on too much work and I find it hard to delegate tasks to others. This happened in the past, resulting in me feeling slightly overwhelmed with too much work and I started logging in online at weekends just to keep up with work. I’ve learned from this and I started to delegate more tasks to other people within the team who know how to do it quickly based on their workload.

I wore different hats to fulfill the responsibilities from my previous companies that I’ve worked with in the past. I was recognised multiple times as an Operations Coordinator, Sr. Process Executive and Sr. Analyst.

  • I was awarded as an Overall Sales Champion twice as an agent with the Highest revenue earned across the globe or Worldwide enterprise for HSBC Bank Data Processing.
  • Ranked #1 Agent Worldwide for year 2010 for HSBC Bank Data Processing.
  • Recognised ROAR Awardee as SME / GURU (Q1-2017) for Capital One Bank Support Services.

These awards are proof of my achievements but what I treasure the most as my greatest accomplishments in my career was being able to be trusted by all those international companies (Teleperformance, Capital One Bank, HSBC Bank, Cognizant – Google) to work for them and contribute to their growing company and to showcase my talents and capabilities.

Overall, due to my strong background and achievements in successfully identifying financial problems and creating efficiencies, I am confident I am suitable for this role that you’re hiring for.

For a copy of Mary’s resume please click here.