Mary Lorraine Gimenez Soco – CSR and Quality Lead

mary-lorraine-soco-profileHi! My name is Mary Lorraine and I’m the youngest of two siblings.

I studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing in one of the prestigious schools here in the Philippines – University of San Carlos. I wasn’t able to finish my studies as we badly needed money for my niece’s heart operation. She has multiple heart defects and a major operation needed to be performed in Manila. It was the saddest day of our lives because she was only 2 months old at the time. At a very young age, she experienced a lot of pain that no child should endure but with God’s grace and guidance, she was able to fully recover. Our entire family was also grateful with all the prayers, emotional and financial support from our friends and relatives.

Despite all these challenges in life, I continued to stay strong for my entire family and I am doing everything that I can to support them, especially right now that both my niece’s have special needs. Currently they are enrolled in a childcare institution that caters for children with developmental needs. Tuition fees are too expensive hence the reason why I need a job that can also help them with all their needs.

mary-lorraine-soco-vacationI’ve been in the Call Center industry for 8 years now, which helped me gain and learn all the skills and knowledge about customer service. I started at JP Morgan Chase & Co. as a Customer Service Representative and a Fraud Analyst. Eventually, I got promoted and became one of the Subject Matter Experts. My employment at JP Morgan lasted for 6 years and I ventured into another company which is Wipro under United Health Group. It’s one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States of America. Here I handled all 3 skills for Provider Services – Benefits, Prior Authorisation and Claims. I can really say that I’m always dedicated to my job and that’s why I was promoted in both companies I worked with.

My hobbies include dancing, travelling and going on food trips. I’m very active with Social Media as well. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat accounts. I love spending my time checking on Social Media because that’s where we can get updates about news and current events. Another interesting fact about me is I suffered from a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) due to cheerdancing and because of it, I have a hard time walking and running. This is the reason why working at home would definitely be an advantage for me since I don’t have to travel going to the office anymore.

So, that’s basically a glimpse of my life story.

For a copy of Lorraine’s resume please click here.