Marylou Sotelo Olsen – CSR and Help Desk

marylou-olsen-profileHi! My name is Marylou Olsen and I preferred to be called Mary. I’m a working mum and a mother of three daughters. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration Major in Management.

I love volleyball – not to mention I was a volleyball player during my high school days. That was intense! I hope I can still do that. 😉 Since we can only spend family time during the weekends we like watching movies and sometimes going out. Every Sunday we give our time to our Christian church.

I stayed in an office-based job for 20 years in different companies. I worked as data encoder, purchasing assistant, sales associate in a supervisory position, and 11 years of that was in the BPO industry.

I handled a Telco company account in the U.S. and was support for computer hardware in one US brand computer company. Now I’m working in an Australian Telco as Technical Support with customer service, and I support internet connections, email management, Domain Hosting service where I update domain name servers and domain registration using a console of TPP wholesale.

During my career I’ve not only gained skills but also learned how to get along with different kinds of people according to their age – and you could say that I am a people oriented person. We work as a team which taught me to be reliable, responsible and accountable. We were able to communicate freely and encourage one another even with differences in opinions.

I am a self motivated and goal oriented person. When given a task I make sure that I meet the deadline and present it with the requirements. I make sure that marylou-olsen-familyeverything is done correctly without pending.

Unfortunately, my husband and I had a few challenges with our Nanny. Now we are left with the dilemma of who we could trust to stay at home to take care of our daughters while we go out and work. That was when we found out about working from home – a situation that could allow us to still work and stay home with our children. This could also be a chance for us to spend time more with Family. Since most of our time is in the office and we have to allot 2-3 hours travel time every day just to catch up with the traffic before our shift – working from home would be ideal.

I am new to the world of Virtual Assistance but I’m eager to learn and willing to be trained so I can be better. Since I am a self driven person, if I don’t understand something I observe or study it so I can acquire the knowledge to understand it.

I’m looking forward to starting my journey in this new line of work.

For a copy of Marylou’s resume please click here.