Maryluz Kurzyniec-Catangal – Executive Assistant

maryluz-kurzyniec-catangal-profileHi! I’m Maryluz Kurzyniec-Catangal and you can call me Emz for short. I’m a Virtual Assistant with expertise in Property Management and Customer Service.

Before I tell you what I can do for you and your company, let me tell you more about me. I’m 31 years old, happily married with two kids. I love being creative and being organised in all things. During my free time, I play with kids, read them stories, or we watch movies together.

I’m also fond of learning new things because I believe that we should never stop growing for we have wisdom and talents to share with others. And it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big things we learn – every learning is an achievement, a milestone to a greater you.

In college, I took Business Administration major in Marketing Management. I was attracted to this course because I knew I would learn how to promote and sell products or services, including market research and advertising works. But unfortunately, or should I say fortunately… after graduation there were no marketing jobs available for me here in our community so I started a venture in working in a Business Process Outsourcing company.

maryluz-kurzyniec-catangal-bondingEverything turned out so well for me in this industry. I started working as a customer service representative. In this position, I enjoyed talking to people and helping them resolve their concerns. I feel great and fulfilled for every issue I fix. I had so much fun in this post for 8 wonderful years. Then due to determination, acquired skills and experiences, the doors to Office Administration opened for me. I worked then as an account manager, verification specialist, and now as a virtual assistant to help property managers better manage their office or businesses.

With my creativity and organisational skills, I can help you with several tasks like reviewing and validating documents, data entry, updating CRM, managing emails, web research, and customer service. I’m also willing to learn new tasks if that will help you and your business.

I invite you to view my resume to get a good insight into me and my previous work experiences.

Please know that I find ways to love my job because I want to be of value to you and your business. And I work to reach my short term and long term goals in life.

If working with you is a possibility that interests you, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter further.

For a copy of Maryluz’s resume please click here.