Matthew Ian Magnaye – Quality Assurance, CSR and Administrative Assistant

matthew-ian-magnaye-formalGood day! My name is Matthew. You can call me Matt. I love music, martial arts, and sports.

I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management. After my graduation, I really wanted to work in a prestigious company like my father and my uncles. It was a lot of pressure considering that you’re a son of a highly respected executive. But I do believe that everyone has their own humble beginnings. I tried applying to big companies and government offices but somehow, there was always a reason why they couldn’t hire me.

It seemed like it was not yet my time for those types of companies so I embraced the modern job and applied in a BPO company where I started as a Customer Service Representative. Customers would call us and we had to do some troubleshooting steps to help them fix their issues. After 2 years, I applied as a Quality Assurance Specialist and was promoted. For 3 years, I graded representative’s calls, participated in calibration sessions, transcribing calls (when needed), coached new hires and prepared reports with the use of Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, matthew-ian-magnaye-profileand PowerPoint).

It was a very fun and fulfilling journey. What made it even better was the birth of my firstborn child. Since I needed to earn more for my kid, I applied for a higher position in a different BPO company. And how happy I was when I got hired as a Quality Assurance Supervisor. There I handled not only people but I also had to be an expert on the campaigns that each of them was handling.

During this experience, I was able to hone my people skills, time management, attention to details and accountability. It was quite a roller coaster ride but the 2 years experience was fruitful and worth it.

I became a Virtual Assistant since I love the idea of being able to work right in the comfort of your home and you also get to work with people with different approaches with their job. I started out doing freelance tasks like Data Entry, Email Management, Transcription and Web Research. As the years went by, I also gained experience with taking inbound calls as Customer Support and setting appointments as a Telemarketer.

Thanks for taking the time in reading my story.

For a copy of Matthew’s resume please click here.