May Ubaldo-Boquiron – Senior Paraplanner

may-boquiron-profileIf you’re looking for someone who gets the job done, look no further ‘cause here I am, May Boquiron, at your service!

Just a little background about me…

I, along with my twin sister, am the eldest of three siblings. I was raised in Marikina, a city in Metro Manila, Philippines, known to have some of the most disciplined people in the country. Interestingly, this is the same place where my husband was raised, and I only got to know him in college. Now we are also raising our little one in the same area!

I studied Bachelor of Science in Management from the Ateneo de Manila University under a full scholarship grant, completing the degree in 2003. Shortly after graduation, I joined a BPO company with a mindset to get a double major degree in Mathematics in the same university. I have had a fondness for Maths since my primary school days. I even got the chance to join Maths competitions during my high school years and won some places against other schools. I’m proud of these achievements, to say the least. Too bad, I was not able to pursue the studies further due to conflicts in schedule.

may-boquiron-familyIn a BPO company, I took on a Customer Service Representative role, servicing a brokerage firm in one of America’s financial institutions. I had an opportunity to take and pass the Series 7 and Series 63 licenses for Authorised Representative as required by the role.

I wanted a more stable career, so I left a year later to join one of the Philippines’ leading banks, the Bank of the Philippine Islands. I started as a Phonebanking Specialist, helping clients with their concerns and issues about the bank’s products and services. I became so knowledgeable on the different products and services offered by the bank that just within 2 years, I managed to advance my career in the banking industry. I was promoted to Assistant Manager holding several roles, with my last role as Compliance and MIS Manager within our unit.

Later in 2010, I came across an opportunity to study RG146 through Pinnacle Financial Services Academy and take on a budding career in paraplanning in the Philippines. I just had to take a leap of faith to leave my stable and growing career in a bank where I was up for another promotion in a few years’ time to start a career in a never-heard-of paraplanning industry at that time. It was indeed a risk but I told myself that although my future may be uncertain at the time, if I manage to get through this, I’m sure there will be a lot of doors that will open for me, including the possibility of working in Australia.

I have initiated processes to improve systems. I have developed training plans that helped new and junior paraplanners learn the ropes of paraplanning, and better understand the concepts involved in financial planning. I have also put measures in place to ensure standard qualities are met.

Nine years later, I admit that I am still continuously learning (learning is always a continuous process anyway). Nevertheless, I am proud to say that I am considered as one of the most experienced paraplanners in the country! The years of experience that I gained since that day I chose this career have given me the confidence I need to be able to say with true gusto, “Hey! I know I can do that job!”. I am being constantly confronted with different strategies in various areas of financial planning which strengthen my knowledge to boldly say that, “It may be a new concept, but I can do it.”

All through my working years, I have learned many things which help me ramp up my skills and improve my processes, allowing me to work efficiently. With every new learning I get, I take time to master it so I know how I can always improve it.

Yes, I am workaholic and dedicated to what I do at work, but that’s just one side of the coin…

Off-work, I live an active lifestyle. My weekends are usually spent going on a hike, doing a marathon, and traveling to places, among others. This temporarily stopped when I fell pregnant, but when our little one arrived, we’ve been slowly getting back into the habit again, with her in tow.

My family just loves the outdoors and adventures. It has always been a part of our schedule to inject a run, a hike, camping and a trip at least once a month. Lazy weekends are rare occasions for us. We would rather spend it on a picnic at a nearby park and have some physical activity like running or biking than just doze off or do a movie marathon at home. Movie-binging is usually reserved at night before going to sleep.

This is how I recharge myself to be ready for another week of work. Honestly, this is working for me exceptionally well. I find myself more focused and able to accomplish more tasks when given time to spend outdoors than just by lazing around the home all day!

Again, this is May! Let me help you do an a-MAY-zing job for you! So, let’s get the ball rolling and get that job done!

For a copy of May’s resume please click here.