Mikhael Adrian V. Laoagan – Administrative Assistant

mikhael-laoagan-formalMy name is Mikhael Adrian Velasco Laoagan, single at 26 years old.

If someone asks me what my hobby is, I always answer with travelling and hanging out with my circle. I have been to a couple of places both international and domestic. It has always been an interest of mine to discover the culture of other people from other places. Food is the first thing on my list to try. And I have never had problems communicating with people from different races as English is widely understood.

My friends usually describe me as someone who is always very understanding. I tend to understand the situation before reaching a conclusion and course of action. Some people also say that mistakes are unavoidable, but I always say that we can all avoid making one. For me, it is better to take time to think about your correct course of action than spending time making up for your mistakes. I can be perfectionist, which other people may think is a disadvantage.

mikhael-laoagan-in-the-airportWith my personal background, I have been able to use all these characteristics to my benefit for all my work experiences. I have had 4 years of experience in a Contact Center servicing USA companies – Debit Card, Medical Insurance and Claims, Satellite TV service, and Student loans inquiry and collections. During my BPO time, I also had the opportunity to be in leadership and recruitment roles. These roles carried over to my VA experience. I have had leadership, recruitment, training and administration roles with my most recent job experience. Half of the day I was an Administration Assistant and the other half was with an Australian Real Estate Agency as an overall VA. I had tasks for property management, specifically on lease renewals, arrears, invoices, applications, docusign, and a lot more.

My main aim for work is being able to exceed employer expectations in an efficient and precise way of finishing things. The trust and positive feedback that I have received from my employers speaks volumes of who I am at work. I am an experienced Customer Relations Representative, Virtual Assistant and Administration Assistant.

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