Miles Mary Cruz – Bank Teller, Bookkeeper

miles-mary-cruz-formal“One positive smile can enlighten your day, sending one to all of you”

Hi I’m Miles Mary D. Cruz, 32 years old, from the Philippines. I have a loving and responsible husband and I’m a full time mum of three.

After I graduated in April 2007 I applied at the Allied Banking Corporation (now it is known as Philippine National Bank). I was a Bank Teller then upgraded to be a BOA (Branch Operations Assistant), also known as branch bookkeeper. Being a bank teller, you need to have a monstrous luggage of patience because you will face your client eye to eye. You will talk to them in person and you also need a keen eye to determine the counterfeited money while talking to them. A year after, I became a Branch Operations Assistant where I am assigned to do all the accounting jobs of the branch, including all the reports that needed to be submitted.

But in 2011, I made a tough decision, even though I do love my job. I need to be a mother to my first born, because during that time, he needed special attention. I know that is way too long and I might be rusty but that won’t stop me from learning. I believe that life is about continuous learning. As we grow, we are learning. That’s why I enrolled myself into Online Freelance Courses, Online Bookkeeping and I watch video tutorials that will help me gain more knowledge and be updated to the working environment.

miles-mary-cruz-outdoorsNow that my kids are a little bit grown up, I think its about time to continue my dream and my career. I want to be more productive and help the company to grow as well as me. Having the experience of assisting clients is one of my expertises. I’m reliable, hard working and I’m ready to accept challenges that will make me a better person.

I like to solve problems and challenges – for me it’s like solving a puzzle that will make me grow through the experience and training you will give and provide. I have the ability to adapt easily to my work and co-workers and love to share good vibes and positivity. I always look for the brighter side. Yes, I might have made some mistakes but this won’t define my whole capabilities. I like it when people are being true, than being kind.

Lastly, I believe that “If you have courage to begin, then you have the courage to succeed”.

For a copy of Miles’s resume please click here.