Minerva Aquino – Teacher, Real Estate

minerva-gadingan-aquino-profileHi! My name is Minerva Aquino and you can call me “Yang”, that’s my nickname.

I took up a Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science and graduated in the year 2012. After that I also took another course which is Early Childhood Education and another uniting in Education. That is where I was able to take my Licensure Examination for Teachers and I passed the board exam in 2015. In 4 years after I graduated last 2012, I taught at kindergarten School, and then I got a realisation that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and explore.

I had my second job at Quezon City as an Encoder and part of the Collection Department in a Publishing Company. My job was to encode liquidations, encode the receipts and do calls to every school who purchased books from the company for their payments. I lasted for one and a half year in that company. During that time I learned new skills like navigating more on the computer, with Microsoft Office tools and improve my typing skills. I was able to practice communicating through phone calls that I performed as part of my job and for 4 months I was in the collection field, where I went to every school around the National Capital Region and some part minerva-aquino-candidof South Luzon to collect payments.

I still wanted to try another field to test my limits, and that’s where I applied as a Virtual Assistant in a company assisting Real Estate in Australia. I didn’t have any experience working in a BPO and I had no idea what it was like working as a Virtual Assistant. However, I still had that confidence that I could do it and yes I did it successfully! I lasted for almost two years working with my former client, and I am so happy that I helped her out with their business and made them happy and satisfied. I would love to have stayed with her forever, reaching our different personal goals together, but then I was forced to stay in our province to be with my parents because they are elderly and they needed someone to assist them.

And now I am ready to be part of someone else’s goals and work with him/her at my best! Thank you.

For a copy of Minerva’s resume please click here.