Miracle Products

Miracle ProductsThe history of Miracle Products began in 1988 with the birth of their first-ever product, Miracle Mist, which was created out of necessity. Alyce Harms, Miracle Products’ Alchemist, sustained a spinal injury crushing the 5th cervical vertebra. She underwent a spinal discectomy and fusion. On her way to recovery, Alyce experienced a bout of paralysis in one, or sometimes both arms with unrelenting neuralgic pain. The treatment she was receiving only provided a solution for post-surgery recovery. This encouraged her to seek a long-term solution and began her 25 years of studies in natural healing methods and pain relief.

In 2010, Alyce once again sustained a serious bicycle accident that led to neuralgia and bouts of paralysis. Further diagnosis revealed that bone spurs were growing through the nerve paths resulting from an old injury she had in 1988. She underwent corrective surgery to cut off the excess bone growth, but