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Miracle ProductsThe history of Miracle Products began in 1988 with the birth of their first-ever product, Miracle Mist, which was created out of necessity. Alyce Harms, Miracle Products’ Alchemist, sustained a spinal injury crushing the 5th cervical vertebra. She underwent a spinal discectomy and fusion. On her way to recovery, Alyce experienced a bout of paralysis in one, or sometimes both arms with unrelenting neuralgic pain. The treatment she was receiving only provided a solution for post-surgery recovery. This encouraged her to seek a long-term solution and began her 25 years of studies in natural healing methods and pain relief.

In 2010, Alyce once again sustained a serious bicycle accident that led to neuralgia and bouts of paralysis. Further diagnosis revealed that bone spurs were growing through the nerve paths resulting from an old injury she had in 1988. She underwent corrective surgery to cut off the excess bone growth, but it did not go well. Alyce decided that a second surgery was out of the equation.

Miracle MistFrom her years of study, Alyce recalled the significance of Magnesium and its role in resolving calcium build. Together with her life and business partner, Larry Ferguson, they began searching for the purest form of Magnesium available. They discovered the 99.9% Magnesium Chloride harvested from beneath the Dead Sea and realized that it fit all the parameters they were looking for. They then began experimenting to find the most effective and healthy concentration level.

Through a series of thorough testing, they discovered that adding MSM (an organic sulphur compound) improved absorption while giving additional benefits of pain relief, whole body anti-inflammatory as well as a digestive aid. After 3 months of 2X daily use of the Miracle Mist, all symptoms of paralysis and neuralgia vanished leaving Alyce with an even better range of motion in her neck than she had prior to the bicycle accident!

Miracle Products value commitment to integrity and are the company’s driving force in developing products that can transform and improve not only the lives of people, but also the environment. Today, Miracle Products offer a wide range of organic supplements that rejuvenate and restore people’s health.

Working with Virtual Assistant Team

Virtual Assistant Team works hand-in-hand with Miracle Products in creating weekly newsletters that educate and encourage people to prioritise their health by learning about the most important vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Camu-Camu, Iodine, and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). These weekly emails include product highlights including the popular Miracle Mist and C60, free e-books, and informative videos.