Mylene Estonina – Office Administration

mylene-estonina-profileHi everyone.

I will start with introducing myself to you guys. My name is Mylene Estonina. I am from Bulacan, Philippines. I am happily married for 8 years, even without kids. I’m 33 years old. My religion is Jehovah’s Witness.

Working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is really tiring. I felt guilty every time I skipped a meal with my husband and left our house in a not so clean situation. Then, I realised, I wanted to share my time, energy and my focus with my married life. But I can’t just sit down and relax because I had my mum who needs support financially and my brother who also depends on me for his continuous medication. That is why I decided to work online where I can choose my own schedule to work and the reasonable salary that I wanted.

I experienced working in an office and administrative job for 16 years. My job includes: data entry, customer service, database management, supplies and inventory management, sales reporting and Microsoft Excel.

I am also a writer. When I was in grade school and high school, I was one of the writers in our school journal. Getting 100% information, researching on topics, attention to details and creativity – that’s what a real writer does. Me, being a writer involves not only writing, but putting love, passion, attitude, creative mind and heart also into it. I am not just writing articles but also writing with real basis. Reading is also important to me. When I read a lot, I can write a lot too.

I learned American Sign Language (ASL) because here in my country, particularly in my hometown, there are lots of deaf and mute people. So being a signer really makes me happy since I helped those people learn their language and be able to communicate with others. I also know a little bit of simple graphic design.

Hard-working, loyalty, honesty, reliability and trustworthy – these are some of my outstanding qualities that I am proud to tell everyone. Being in a world that is full of negativity, it is very rare to meet people that we want to work with. This job opportunity is really a great blessing for me who wants to earn money and at the same time have quality time for myself, my partner and my family.

For a copy of Mylene’s resume please click here.