Neil Serrano – Customer Service, Technical Support

neil-serrano-formalGood day! My name is Neil Serrano – and you can call me Neil.

To begin with, here is a short background about me.

I’m the youngest of two siblings, born and raised in the Philippines. English is my second language and as I grow up, learning and using the English language was a must as my cousins and relatives lived abroad and I became comfortable and fluent in speaking and writing the language as the years passed.

After I graduated from college, I worked in a Business Process Outsourcing company for almost 5 years. I’ve enjoyed my stay with that company as it gave me the chance to learn new skills and develop as I’ve been in different client’s accounts. From research tasks to YouTube account management, there were several tasks I handled. During my employment, I was blessed to be promoted as a Team Leader and could handle the team. Through this, I learned the importance of teamwork and coordination. The duration of my stay in this company also gave me the confidence to work with foreign teams and clients and to meet their needs promptly.

Then, I took a home-based job and worked for a booking software company for 3 years. It was a new chapter in my working career. Answering technical related questions from customers is one of my daily tasks and it was a new learning experience for me. These tasks trained me and through this, I’ve learned the neil-serrano-vaimportance of being efficient as I need to answer their inquiries as soon as possible. Being courteous was needed, pacifying the angry customers as much as possible and providing them with the help that they needed.

I also take tasks from the VP of Sales and the Marketing Department and assist them daily. Some tasks include calls with clients/product demos, website building for clients using our company’s website builder platform, email management, and data entry.

Now, my goal with my future client is to help them with their daily business needs efficiently and for me to pursue continuous learning and be a good team player. I am to use my previous experiences and share the best practices that I’ve learned in my previous jobs.

For a copy of Neil’s resume please click here.