Norhanah Faizal – Administrative Assistant

Norhanah VAHi I’m Norhanah, and my friends call me “Hannah” for short. I’m from the Philippines, specifically in the province of Sultan Kudarat. It took me a while to share my story as I have no work experience yet to share in marketing and sales, but it doesn’t mean that I am not suitable for this kind of work.

I believe that in order to be a successful person you should speak in your mind. Point out what is on your mind and in your soul without fear of judgment, and be consistently candid and honest at all times. When you speak the truth and be honest, support your words with actions that will help you pursue your goals in life. This will result in your success.

My life was not that easy. At a young age I got married and now fulfill my duties as a young mother with 2 kids. But I did not allow these responsibilities to stop me from fulfilling my goals. I finished my studies with a degree in Business Administration major in Marketing Management. I accept the fact that I’m not an expert in marketing and sales (yet) but with my perseverance and positive thinking, I believe that regardless of whatever problems and circumstances life throws at me, I can succeed. I am willing to learn and give my best. I will also apply what I have learned from my past institution for the benefit of myself and my future workplace.

Norhanah vaIn my college days I attended numerous basic seminars and trainings about marketing management. After graduating from college, I didn’t chase work in an actual workplace to pursue my career as a marketer as I chose to focus on taking good care of my children instead. And having said that, I am now ready to build my career. I am fortunate that my childhood best friend Maleha Mohammad introduced and encouraged me to try my luck as a Virtual Assistant. I immediately agreed because I know this is my opportunity to provide my skills and talent in marketing and sales.

I always wanted to work and experience the world of marketing, to be called a “career woman” – whether it be in a physical workplace or while performing an online job. As long as I’m free to show what I am capable of, enjoy what I am doing, able to help my husband financially to provide for the needs of our family and for the future of our kids… then I am achieving my dreams.

I know working as a Virtual Assistant will help me to grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. I always believe that the best key to success is continually believing in yourself and trusting God/Allah at all times.

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