Nori Fukuzawa – Customer Service Representative

Nori-Fukuzawa-vaHi! My full name Is Nori Haru M. Fukuzawa II. I’m Half Filipino, Half Japanese and I’m Currently living in Bago Gallera, Davao City.

I’m an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. I started working in the BPO industry in 2013 as a Market Research Interviewer. Afterward, I became one of the Customer Service Representative handling a fashion account in one of the BPO companies in Davao City. I also handled multiple accounts such as Health Insurance, Auto-Insurance, Burial, and Funeral Insurance.

After working on site I decided to find a work-from-home job because of the higher salary and working on site is a hassle thing. I decided to look for clients/employers that would hire me. My First Homebase job was with a private client. I have multiple tasks and duties. I worked as customer service, technical support agent as well as a sales agent. After troubleshooting their PCs if theirs need to be fixed. we fix it and if the issue is they have viruses on their computer then we propose they buy an anti-virus that fits the capabilities of their PCs.

My second job was as a home based call center agent. I was a VA and a personal assistant to my realtor-client. It’s the same with my third client but unfortunately, my last and previous client died because of cardiac arrest and we were sad about what happened to him. Now I’m looking to seek again for a new job. Since I didn’t finish my college education, I never expected in my whole life that I will be working in the BPO industry and it’s a great opportunity since being a college graduate is not a requirement at all.

Nori-Fukuzawa-vaI’ve been in the BPO industry for almost 5 years now, but with skipping months because I need to take a breath. So I look for another job on many different websites and fortunately, I saw this company and I was amazed about the offer and the working environment. I realized that I can earn as much or even more than I earned from my previous employers or work and I heard that here in this company, it is more convenient and hassle-free and I’m so excited and motivated to work here.

I have a lot of skills and qualifications. You can count on me with Cold calling, Data-Entry, Encoding, Sales/Telemarketing, technical troubleshooting, and other stuff.

I’m looking forward to being part of this team and working together for the growth of the company. Have a nice day everyone!

For a copy of Nori’s resume please click here.