Noriel See -Copywriter

Hi, I’m Noriel See.

Growing up, I was a socially awkward kid who spent a lot of time playing by myself. However, my childhood has never been boring because I enjoyed drawing comic strips and crafting entire worlds out of nothing. Unlike my siblings, I never had a natural flair for art and my characters were usually stick figures, but I didn’t let that stop me because I just loved breathing life into imaginary people.

As I got older, my interests shifted towards music and I taught myself to play various types of musical instruments. I was also into sports and I could spend hours talking about football, basketball and mixed martial arts with my friends. But despite all the changes in my life, sci-fi and fantasy fiction remained my passion as a reader and I would stay up all night reading books written by the likes of Frank Herbert, Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Gregory Keyes, and George R.R. Martin.

The child in me was in awe of the imagination of these authors and their skill at world-building, and while I no longer dreamed of becoming a novelist myself, talking about their work with others made me realise that I really have a lot to say about the things that I’m passionate about. It was the same with music and sports. I remembered thinking to myself, “what if I put my passion to good use?”

Upon graduating from university, I got a job as a writer. I didn’t get the chance to write what I wanted, but it gave me the opportunity to hone my skills as I wrote about a wide range of topics.

During this time, my life also changed for the better when I met the person who would one day become my wife. My priorities changed after our chance meeting and I started to plan for the future. To make money, I decided to put my career on hold and travelled to the U.K. I was earning a lot more there, but I missed home so I came back to the Philippines after just a couple of years.

After a while, I started to get the itch to write again so I returned to the job market and I eventually made the transition from traditional employment to remote work. Now I’m ready to take the next step in this journey as I offer my services to clients worldwide.

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