Pamela Rose M. Rulloda – Customer Service Specialist

pamela-rulloda-vaAs a girl I was taught to be agreeable and as sweet as possible. However, real life, including the business world is made of nothing but waves… and as time passes by, life changes colour. When I grew into a woman, it opened a wonderful opportunity that changed my life around. Even failure is a learning opportunity for me.

I also learned that the best people are never satisfied and always want to learn more. As we speak about career perspective, I have a unique combination of flexibility and resiliency that makes me handle almost everything. Being one of a kind has always come easily to me. The drive, passion, motivation, confidence to keep my job at hand is always there.

I’ve had a lot of notable accomplishments in my career.

My recent role was being an Account Manager in an International Company based in Belgium. From web designs to advertising campaigns and digital marketing, we guide businesses / clients to the right marketing agencies. I also took care of the sales pipeline and cycle using the Hubspot CRM. I am also responsible for call clients, CEO’s, business owners in US, UK and Asia Pacific region. I am responsible for building long lasting collaboration, lowering churn rates, and scheduling appointments in google calendar.

I also pioneered as one of the B2B Specialist in some U.S Campiagns, Business Developer Collaborator, Lead Generation, Circle prospecting, General Virtual Assistant, Account Executive, and Team leader.

I’ve been part of the localisation and translation industry. I also worked in a secured Cloud based Solutions Campaign for business automation software.

My skill set is all over the map!

Almost 8 years in the BPO industry, a year in Knowledge Process Outsource and almost 2 enjoyable years in the home based industry.

My proven track record unleashed my true potential. I learn from everything that happens to me, and I always focus my attention on the many great things I have to be grateful for. I make vision a reality.

For a copy of Pamela’s resume please click here.