Paolo Cortes – Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m Paolo.

I was born into a family of 5 boys. I’m second to the eldest and always enjoyed our fun and super active childhood. We loved climbing the nearby mountains to gather firewood and drink the fresh coconut juice from coconut trees that grow there.

When I was young my favorite stunt when riding my bicycle was standing on the crossbar while freewheeling downhill. I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was 13 years old. A few years later I enjoyed my weekly 120km motorcycle trip to and from home and college, passing through winding rocky roads on mountain cliffs adorned with a wonderful scenic ocean view.

I remember fondly a time in college when Windows 95 and the suite of Microsoft applications, like Word and Excel were introduced. I remember spending a couple of nights in the computer lab figuring out how things worked until I got the hang of it. These experiences gave me the confidence that I can learn anything if I put my mind to it. I also enjoyed a full academic scholarship when I entered college right through to when I finished it. I also served as a student body president in my junior year and was active in organising activities, balls, trips, symposia, and the like –  anything that the students could benefit from. I also have worked on the school paper and yearbook as its editor-in-chief.

After college, I volunteered 2 years as a gospel teacher in the rural provinces of northern Philippines. I enjoyed meeting new people and even learned a new language in 6 months. It was a wonderful experience teaching old and young people in their native tongue. I loved listening to and understanding their needs and providing for them a source of hope that could alleviate them from the pains and sorrows they were experiencing.

After coming home from the 2 years of volunteer work, I went on to study Entrepreneurship, especially in building and growing small businesses. The course gave me an understanding of why people start their own businesses. It helped me empathise with the difficulties they face and the feelings of being overwhelmed by the challenges of keeping their businesses alive.

I learned graphics through self-study and was drafted to be one of the 100 graphics trainees for an international firm. It was there that I got a reputation that I can learn quickly and was soon selected as one of their Graphics Supervisors. After a year, I was transferred to work with the CEO’s team to prepare the firm to be certified to International Standards on Quality Management Systems. I was also tasked to lead the team to study, assess and analyze the implemented traceability systems of the manufacturing plant. It took my team only a couple of weeks to propose a solution in order to streamline their recording processes and improve the confidence rate of their traceability of products by a large margin. I then oversaw the programming team and in a couple of months we were able to implement, module after module, the upgraded systems from importation to processing to warehousing and finally to export shipment.

I married my beautiful wife who has blessed me with 6 wonderful children.

Back at that time she was carrying our third child and we needed to seek better hospital care due to pregnancy complications. So we moved to a bigger city and I moved to work with BPO companies as a call center agent for an American firm. I was promoted a couple of times until I worked with their Reports Analysis team. Then I was promoted as a reports specialist in the HR department. One significant achievement that I was able to provide for my team was my pet project of inserting VB scripts into our Excel spreadsheets and successfully completing the reports in only 30 minutes compared to the usual 3 hour long (minimum) data preparation and reporting. I love being the solutions guy in a team. My team’s production increased and gave us more quality time in analyzing our data before presenting our report to top management.

Today I work online and provide relevant solutions to meet the needs of online clients, whether it is graphics, web design, web admin tasks, shopping carts, reports and analysis, graphs and visual presentations, or any other task that is asked of me.

After all is said and done, I pride myself as being a father, happily married, and a master of traditional swaddle wrapping. 🙂

For a copy of Paolo’s resume please click here.