Patnala Durga Kameswari – Administrative Assistant

Hello, I’m Durga and welcome to my life!

Let me start with my roots.

My god’s gift is my mother. Sadly, my father is not interested in me or my elder sister. We don’t have any family support from either my mother or father’s sides of the family. It’s to do with my father’s numerous infidelities. His behaviour, unfortunately, has branded us and our relatives shun us.

Since childhood my mother has taken care of me and my elder sister – supporting our education and chosen careers. I successfully completed intermediate in 2011, and gained a Bachelors Degree B.Sc Computers in 2013 through distance education. I worked during my childhood, firstly as a Computer Operator, then Store In-Charge at an LG Service Center in Eluru during my degree education in 2016. Then we needed to move from Eluru to Jangareddygudem because of domestic violence issues that involved my father. That’s when I took on the role of Account and Customer Support Officer in JK Smart Works in 2017.

I’m the backbone of my family, as financially, we are a very poor family.

In 2017 I made the decision to leave my corporate job and follow a career in home based jobs. Since then I have been working part time or performing seasonal tasks as a Virtual Assistant, gaining more and more experience every day. I have also worked as a Data Analyst, Customer Support Specialist as well as a freelancer. These were entry level positions for home based work.

Working from home has changed my perspective in life. I sometimes worry about what will happen if I do not get any work. But despite this, I always fall back to the belief that God will provide and give us his blessing, even in the worst times of our lives. I also want to help my mother with securing our little family’s future financially without being away from them.

Thanks for reading my story! I hope you’ll consider me when seeking your Virtual Assistant.

For a copy of Patnala’s resume please click here.