Patricia Ann P. Rubio – Executive Assistant

patricia-rubio-vaI am Patricia Rubio… a wife of a businessman and a graduate of Political Science and Culinary Arts.

My work experience started a month after my college graduation as a sales representative with a Japanese Company and a Philippine Company. Both jobs required me to build stronger relationships with our targeted clients and set monthly events, send daily, weekly and yearly reports for the region and area that I am assigned with while reaching or exceeding annuals sales targets yearly even before the year ends! My hard work and dedication put my assigned region at number 2 nationwide with 50% increase.

I have also worked as the Aboyuer of a fine dining restaurant. I was responsible for calling the orders in a timely and orderly fashion while plating the dishes before being served by the front of the house staff. I have also worked as part of the first Managerial team of a new brand. I helped create the new brands handbook to help the new applicants know their job duties and responsibilities. I checked day-to-day reports such as data analytics, inventory of the staff under me while making daily reports to my boss, the General Manager, together with the VP and Marketing Manager on the updates of the brand and the sales (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly). I also had daily email communications with the Marketing Manager on the things we needed to improve on the brand.

patricia-rubio-familyAbout myself outside work… I am also an artist by heart. I sculpt human figures using edible fondants and sometimes I sketch anything I see. I love having a notebook and a pen with me always. I love writing whatever comes in my mind. I love to sing. Singing is in my family’s blood. On weekends I and my husband dine out in new or old restaurants on Saturdays and on Sundays I usually cook good food gourmet style. Both of us love to experience new and good food. I have two fur-babies who are both cute, intelligent and the most neat and polite dogs you could possibly wish for. I feel blessed.

This is me… and I hope you enjoyed my short story.

For a copy of Patricia’s resume please click here.