Bryan Caranto

I have worked as an English Teacher, created education content, worked with teams and facilitated groups for educational outcomes. I have distributed educational content via a range of platforms including social media channels, language tutorial websites, and video. I have experience with Adobe Lightroom, MS apps, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads (basic) and basic WordPress skills.

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Kimberly Diano

I am the youngest of 6 siblings… that might surprise you – but in the Philippines it’s pretty normal to have a large family. I’ve got 4 older brothers and 1 older sister. I am so blessed that God has given me an amazing family.

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Christian Balili

I am a highly motivated Virtual Assistant who is computer literate and a strong desire to be trained on the job. My English skills are excellent – both written and verbal. I also possess excellent communication skills in Japanese. I have been teaching linguistics both privately and within colleges. While my forte is language – I am available for administrative tasks.

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