Odessa D. Castro

I am a dedicated online teacher. It was also in online teaching where I learned how to multi-task. I know a little Japanese, Spanish, and now I am starting to learn Chinese so I can communicate with most people around the world.

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Donna Fernandez

Donna has worked as a Customer Service Representative and English Teacher. She has good English writing skills and spoken English. Donna can also take care of email writing, content writing, and administrative tasks. She is diligent, patient, and can multi task efficiently and easily.

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Jenalyn G. Manalang

Jenalyn works as an Online ESL Tutor. She is also experienced in the field of Customer Service and Sales.

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Jo Ann Beseral

I’ve been an English Online Teacher for quite some time now. I have also developed my Customer Service skills. I am passionate and dedicated to every task given to me.

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Joy Lazaro-Belza

I am a ESL teacher catering to Korean and Chinese learners. We may or may not understand what the purpose is of a situation as of the moment, but I will make sure to let you know that my sole purpose here is to be of help for you!

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Mary Janzyl Antolin

I am a Graphics Designer, Watercolour Artist and a Teacher. I am most motivated to do art and teach art. I developed integrity, communication, and reliability.

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Tai Mavericc Mijares

I am an ESL Tutor and a Professional Wrestler. I also had experiences working in recruitment and product training for several accounts and clients such as sales, customer service and lead generation.

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Ma. Erica Flores

I worked part time as a Property Manager. My main task was to handle properties, cleaning management, admin tasks, email support, and social media management.

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Bryan Caranto

I have worked as an English Teacher, created education content, worked with teams and facilitated groups for educational outcomes. I have distributed educational content via a range of platforms including social media channels, language tutorial websites, and video. I have experience with Adobe Lightroom, MS apps, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads (basic) and basic WordPress skills.

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Kimberly Diano

I am the youngest of 6 siblings… that might surprise you – but in the Philippines it’s pretty normal to have a large family. I’ve got 4 older brothers and 1 older sister. I am so blessed that God has given me an amazing family.

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Christian Balili

I am a highly motivated Virtual Assistant who is computer literate and a strong desire to be trained on the job. My English skills are excellent – both written and verbal. I also possess excellent communication skills in Japanese. I have been teaching linguistics both privately and within colleges. While my forte is language – I am available for administrative tasks.

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