Pete Christian Bogal – Web Developer

peter-christian-bogal-profileHi, I’m Christian!

My life before was very simple. When I was in High School, I loved playing basketball, musical instruments and online games. I’m not that kind of person who was really serious in my studies before. But when I realised the value of education, I really worked hard in order to be educated. I supported my college fees by working hard with many types of jobs including selling guitar gadgets. I also worked as a crew in a fast food chain in order to support my education. I never stopped finding ways to sustain my studies and my family’s needs.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology but I wasn’t able to finish my studies. Being a freelancer gives me inspiration to be successful in life. By working full of determination, I know everything inside my heart will be granted in God’s perfect time. I work hard to achieve skills in different fields in IT because I know we can’t stop learning new things in this world.

I used to work at a BPO company where we focused on outsourcing projects from abroad and creating small teams here in the Philippines to handle the client’s project. My role before was a Virtual Assistant/Lead Generation, but my task was not only focused on lead generation. I also do multimedia tasks like video editing, photo editing, creating advertisement on different social media platforms. I also worked as a Customer Service/Administrative Assistant and made proposals for specific clients. In 2019, we achieved the biggest sales in the history of the peter-christian-bogal-musiciancompany.

Unfortunately this year, like everybody else across the globe, our company faced a crisis. Sales were getting low and a lot of clients forced their businesses to close. So our company was forced to cut down the losses and let go of some of their employees. That was very devastating for me because I lost my job, but I know there will be a lot of opportunities to open by the grace of God.

The best thing I’ve learned in my field as an IT and as a Virtual Assistant is to work hard in every opportunities in life, because I believe that things are all temporary in this world so choose to do your best at all times. Always remember these five things, “Never stop dreaming”, “Never stop believing”, “Never stop trying”, “Never give up”, and “Never stop learning”. These five things will help us succeed in our lives.

Thank you for reading my story!

For a copy of Pete’s resume please click here.