Peter Raymund Loy Capili – CSR/TSR, Marketing


My name is Peter and I`ve been working online for more than 12 years now. I started way back in 2008 as a paid product reviewer of products/services offered online. It was like doing a blog review of a certain product and using some keywords given by the company. I ventured and went through online courses and had a crash course on SEO and keyword planning. I was blessed to have an employer who helped me expand my knowledge and in the process helped his business as well. After which, I was also tasked and trained to do administrative and VA tasks for the company and the websites we had.

Alas, all good things had to end. My employer decided to pull the plug on his business after 3 years since as he wanted to focus on local business instead of online commerce. Thus ending my first online employment which lasted for 3 years. I then took openings for other companies in need of my skill set, and in the process was blessed to be given additional trainings like WordPress Management and Customer Support (Chat, Email, Voice).

peter-raymund-capili-sunsetOver the years, as the demand and preferred skill set for online employment evolved so did my knowledge. For the past couple of years, I`ve been specialising in doing Social Media Management and Project Marketing Management for those who are in need of my services.

The most important thing I have come to realise and applied in my online career for the past 12 years is that, Honesty is always the most crucial thing in online employment. Being able to establish trust and commitment with your employer with less supervision and being able to deliver your work on time is of the utmost importance.

I am currently looking for employment where I can be part of the company’s growth. I am a team player and will always be willing to go the extra mile for the betterment of the company.

Thanks for taking time in reading my brief background. Looking forward to hear from you soon!

For a copy of Peter’s resume please click here.