Phillip Jeorge P. Balabala – Administrative Support

phillip-jeorge-balabala-formalHi! I am your hardworking, pro-active, self-starter, goal-oriented and fast learner VA rockstar.

I am proud to say that I am keen in data analysis, data encoding, and listening. I am also skilled in transcribing dictated medical recordings, media and voicemail audio files. I have basic knowledge and a solid background on MS Office, software programs, operating system trouble shooting and with the typing speed maximum 50 words per minute.

On the side, I enjoy swimming with my 8 year old son, biking in the eco park with my wife and travelling with them whenever we have free time.

I have been working as a general transcriptionist and data entry analyst since 2008. I have dealt with foreign clients particularly from the U.S. and U.K. I previously worked as a Data Indexer Analyst for Arriva Medical Inc. for 4 years, within the Reimbursement and Medical Records Department. We correct and identify the validity of complete progress clinical notes, physician signature log, physician attestation letter and have a thorough understanding of how to scan them into patient files using a document client platform called Scandox. We transfer information provided on the documents into the appropriate software application and to the correct patient file, update all fields accurately on a phillip-jeorge-balabala-teamconsistent basis, monitor the inbound progress notes fax folder to be worked on a daily basis, and observe legal and ethical guidelines for safeguarding patient and company confidentiality (HIPAA). I was a top performer for the 2nd quarter of 2017 and part of the Best or Stellar team. I was also best in attendance and received a loyalty award for 3 years with Arriva Medical Inc.

I also worked as a Data Analyst for MicroSourcing Inc. from 2011 to 2012. I was assigned by my client, Diligent Lawn and Pest Control Inc. Florida USA to encode, analyse, verify and scrub accounts and applications of customers at the same time, update the pricing rate based on square ft. of houses that are about to undergo pest and termite control service using customer and company platform called PestPac interface. I also talked to clients via Skype and sent workload reports at the end of the shift.

I was fortunate enough to work as a General Transcriptionist and Data Entry Specialist for MicroSourcing Inc. from 2009 to 2011 under TESCO, the third biggest supermarket in the U.K. My main task was to check and verify accuracy of information on the ManCor platfom, and make necessary changes, transcribe content of complaints recorded through voicemail messages using the Fizzback Customer messaging interface and encode comment cards received from customers.

I worked as a transcriptionist for i-Serve Customer Management Inc. , where we used transcription protocols from Garwyn Insurance Group. We worked on deadlines while maintaining expected high quality transcripts, proofread and checked transcripts accuracy when necessary.

I was also a message transcriber using voicemail protocols for Global E-Business Outsource Inc. and Gallop IT Solutions Inc. We used the English Simulscribe interface for U.S. clients Vonage, Verizon, HSBC and other banking institutions.

For a copy of Phillip’s resume please click here.