Princess An Jamil Cabigao – Accounting Assistant

princess-an-jamil-cabiago-profileHi, my name is Princess An Jamil Cabigao, but you may comfortably call me Jam. I finished my degree in Business Administration Major in Marketing at a Local State University. What I really wanted at first was to take up Tourism but because of limited funds and with all the consideration that Tourism would be an expensive course, I decided to take up Business Administration instead.

Because I know that studying is my only chance to be well off someday, I studied hard and graduated with an Academic Distinction. I also finished as a Best On-The-Job Training awardee. Studying a course that is not my first option helped me realise that even though we do not have what we want, we can love what we have and still be good at it.

Immediately four months after my graduation, I was able to land a job at a major bank here in the Philippines. I was designated as an Accounting Assistant and it was not easy at first. Although most of my time was spent in the backroom doing clerical, accounting, and administrative tasks, I was exposed to a lot of different clients from different cultures and status quo. I encountered a lot of irate clients but to my surprise, I was able to deal with them and more so, make a sale through them!

At my work, my main job aside from doing administrative tasks was to check for errors on posting media and I was able to develop different skills such as being able to multitask without compromising timeliness and accuracy. I can say that my job helped me a lot in becoming a better me. From multitasking, error princess-an-jamil-cabigao-traveldetecting, decision making, critical thinking, analysing, to problem-solving, I was able to expand it all as my skills!

I have also been with the company for 9 years. It was my first job and since I am happy about being part of the company, I had my loyalty to them. Although I have been happy and satisfied working with them, I wanted to pursue a career that will enable me to still attend to my children because they are growing up. That was when I opted for a work-from-home job.

Now, I am looking for a job where I can be able to still utilise all my exceptional skills while being at home. I am looking forward to growing with you and being able to contribute a lot. I am here to assist you and do my very best in every task because I believe that if I take ownership of what I do, then your success is also my success! Let us pull each other up until we reach the stars.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

For a copy of Princess’s resume please click here.