Princess Pinero – CSR and Administrative Assistant

princess-pinero-formalHi, I’m Princess!

I sold biscuits when I was in Grade School and did my classmate’s homework in High School and College to buy myself lunch and pay for my school projects. I must say, I learned at a very young age that hard work always pays off.

On May 25, 2018, I was able to obtain a degree in Tourism Management. I flew all the way to Malaysia and got a job as an Administrative Assistant. Working in a new environment was pretty challenging. Out of 7 workers in the office, only 1 could speak a little bit of English since most of them are only able to speak in their local language.

The company I worked with has multiple businesses including Entertainment clubs, Oil & Gas, Cleaning & Water Services, Construction, and Underwater Services. Being an Administrative Assistant, serving 3 bosses really required me to be good with Multitasking, Decision-making, and Problem-solving. I helped the company in contacting our suppliers and clients through phone or email. Other than that, I was assigned to processing and issuing the Payroll on either cash or bank deposit which required me to have a keen eye for details. The company helped me to become a better person and I was happy princess-pinero-profileworking with them. Unfortunately, my mum became sick so I needed to go back to the Philippines.

In 2019, my family and I faced a financial crisis and with my mum being sick, the only way to get paid while working at home is to find a job online. Luckily, I got a job as a Customer Service Representative for an e-commerce account. The tasks included are Internet Research, Google Sheets and Excel, and Email Management. Customer Service for me is being readily available. The job taught me not only to provide a solution but to be the solution.

In my spare time, I love going through social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Tiktok. I also like watching Mukbang videos on Youtube.

Thank you very much for reading my story and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂

For a copy of Princess’ resume please click here.