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Featured Professional Services VAs

Remote Worker Joshua Burgos

Joshua Burgos

Being the eldest son, I was taught to look after my siblings and to always be a role model for them. I was always the one expected to act as the ‘parent’ and take care of the family when my parents were not around. Taking responsibility, being in charge of situations, and caring for my younger siblings was instilled in me right from the start.

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Archana Mohindru

I am from a very small city called Pathankot which is in the northern part of India. It is a connecting border of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. Although Pathankot is only a small city, the beautiful weather conditions make it an amazing place to live.

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Kristel Enriquez

Born in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, I spent about 27 years of my life in this fast paced city. It’s filled with all the hustle and bustle you could imagine in city living, from traffic to sheer volume of people, and what they call the concrete jungle… it’s all in there.

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Gizelle Diaz

If there is one reason for all the motivation to move further and beyond, that would be my family. As an only child raised by hardworking parents, I grew with the understanding that life is about focusing on what really matters. Living a simple life in the province, my parents showed me that investing in oneself is essential rather than acquiring worldly possessions.

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