Ramsha Javed – Administrative Assistant

VA Ramsha JavedHi – here’s my story!

My name is Ramsha Javed and I am a girl with big aims and goals. I am the youngest in my family, with two elder sisters. During our childhood we experienced many family issues and we were never able to imagine that life would lead us to something good.

Contributing to – and I guess you could say – as a result of these problems, I was not as good a child with my studies as my elder sisters were. With passing time the problems increased, but at a point during my fifth grade I realised that education was a way to escape the problems… so I started to focus on my studies and my hard work paid off! I achieved excellent grades.

After high school I was eager to study with my major subject being Computer Science and IT but my father would not allow me (reason was unjustified)! So I had to choose medical sciences which undermined my results. Fortunately, at university level and having biology as a major I was unable to apply for computer related subjects. While access to computer languages, coding, WordPress etc. was denied me, through my own efforts I learned many things during graduation in environmental sciences where we had to prepare assignments, perform research work and make presentations. Having a passion for computers helped me achieve good grades with these kinds of projects.

I heard from someone about freelancing and tried it by myself but could not find any authentic websites to work with. By luck in 2017 when I was doing my post graduation I saw an advertisement in the newspaper advertising “Earn online: Join the course for free” by eRozgar program. I filled out the application and submitted it. But before getting the seat for free I had to pass an online exam. So I completed the exam with no idea of the results. Two moths later I received a call. To my surprise, it was from the team… I had been selected for the free training course on freelancing! It was the happiest day of my life, and I remember how hard I worked to do the training course as well as my Uni studies.

During training I learned about authentic platforms for freelancing, administrative skills, communication skills, email handling, MS Office use, marketing and much more. I started bidding and secured many projects like proofreading, editing, making presentations and copy typing. I worked as a Virtual Assistant for a company for a while but it was then transferred to other language, and because of that I had to leave.

But all this enhanced my skills of communication, administration, email handling, proofreading, and Ms Word usage with other software. I also developed knowledge in computer languages and coding – but to be honest, due to not practicing it I have a long way to go to be considered proficient. It is a skill that I am hoping to gain more knowledge in.

I am happy that today I am very near to achieving my goals. I also have an aim to visit other countries for higher studies and I am working to achieve that goal. I believe one day I will be able to fulfill that dream too.

This is not enough… I have so much more to share but it’s difficult to express it all in a single web page. One last thought: I wish everyone have their dreams fulfilled one day!

For a copy of Ramsha’s resume please click here.