Raymond Reyes Del Mundo – CSR and Technician

raymond-del-mundo-profileGreetings from a country with the best white sand beaches in the world, the Philippines. My family calls me Mon and my friends call me Moks. Still feeling young at 44 and happily married with my gorgeous wife and an energetic dad to our three boys.

I’ve been working in the customer service industry for over a decade now. Would it be considered bragging to say, that I got my first ever customer service training from Starbucks? Working for them was the best days of my life and the best nesting ground in terms of providing the best customer experience ever. As a barista, which is a coffee-lover’s dream job, I’ve had the privilege to make the best tasting coffee in the world and to see customer’s faces as they take their first sip of their favorite drink.

Unfortunately, I needed to find a new job that can sustain the needs of my growing family. They said that there’s an awesome life after Starbucks. I was able to apply what I’ve learned from them into the BPO industry. The very foundation of my passion for providing excellent customer service by mixing coffee has come to a new level. It never occurred to me that my passion for helping others would go international. Up til now, the very core of their gold standards in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction is still inculcated in my heart, mind, and soul.

raymond-del-mundo-bondingLet’s talk about my experience after Starbucks. I had the privilege of working for an institute helping Filipinos land a BPO job for free. I bet you went back to my previous statement. Yes, free of charge. The institute is providing accent neutralisation training for Filipinos with the help of government funding. I’m proud to say that I took part in it as a trainer. While working part-time for them, I was also working in the BPO industry and greatly contributed to different employers’ success and growth as an agent, product trainer, quality assurance specialist, shift lead and manager.

With the current traffic situation in our country, a lot of BPO babies have been transitioning from the office to home-base. I previously worked for a 4×4 accessories company based in Oregon as an E-Commerce Operations Specialist where I acted as their frontline and helped them out with their online selling. I am currently working as a Customer Service Agent for a ride-sharing company based in California operating worldwide. We help our riding customers with their technical issues and billing as well.

To top it all, I guess working from home is the best workplace anybody can wish for. Besides working in the comfort of your home, you get to be with your family and can work even in your pajamas!

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