Real Jade Banaag – Property Management Admin/Support

real-jade-banaag-formalHello 🙂

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Real Jade Banaag. My nickname is RJ but people usually call me Jade. I was born in Iligan City, a southern province located in Mindanao, Philippines. I have four siblings and I am the second eldest child in the family. I grew up and completed my schooling in our town.

After graduating college, I worked and eventually lived in Cebu City. I only visit and stay for vacations in my hometown, mostly during the Yuletide season to spend more time with my parents and two other siblings who still live there.

I love reading books during my freetime, fiction and non-fiction alike. My favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown and Lang Leav to name a few. I am also into watching documentaries and TV-series, but I mostly enjoy watching movies on big screens. I like listening to music as well. Travelling is also one of the things that I enjoy, especially with my closest friends. We mostly travel during summer time or on long holidays. Since we have the same birth month, we have our traditional staycations or short vacations to celebrate it together.

I finished a degree in Social Sciences; major in AB-Language, from a well-known State University, MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology. My first job was in a Call Center company. I started as an agent. When the company was internally hiring for Editors, I applied and made it into the Editing Team. Eventually, I became a Project Supervisor as my Team Manager recommended me for the position. I was also trained for the Quality Assurance Monitoring role as part of being a Project Supervisor. I worked in the same company for 10 years plus.

Already working in a Call Center industry for a considerable long period, I decided to expand my horizons as I also feel the need to explore other opportunities where I can use the skills I gained through the years and want to enhance them. It was at this time that I was approached and introduced into the Virtual Assistance world by my former Quality Assurance – Team Lead. Knowing that I was previously under her team, she offered me to work with her team of VAs as they had a job opening that time. During the interview, I told her being a VA is something new to me but I am very much willing to undergo trainings for the job that is available and in which I am qualified for.

As my first VA job, I was introduced and trained to do data entry and other tasks regarding Leasing to Contract Forms for a client in a Property Management company. I am also knowledgeable in the area of Conveyancing/Property Settlements, I do the Support and Administrative tasks. My experiences so far as a VA are on email correspondence, calendar setting, data entry, lead mining, among the things I mentioned above.

real-jade-banaag-vaI just started being a Virtual Assistant three years ago, and I still consider myself a new comer in this field that is why I am very eager to learn new things to widen my set-skills.

One of my strong qualities is my inter-personal relationship, being naturally friendly – I can communicate well in a team and consider myself a pro-active type of person. That being said, I can also say that I am hard-working, trust-worthy, trainable and reliable. I aim to deliver the clients’ needs hence my eagerness to learn and maintain a good relationship with them. My experiences as a VA might be quite limited for now but I know I can perform well in other areas given the chance to undergo training and such, to widen and enhance my skills.

I am hoping and looking forward to work with the Virtual Assistant Team. I believe I have some of the qualities the team is looking for and given the chance I can be more. Thank you for this opportunity to share my short story to everyone.

For a copy of Real’s resume please click here.