“When your dream is bigger than you are, you only have two choices: give up or get help.”

John C. Maxwell Author, Speaker and Pastor

Finding the Right Virtual Assistant for You… using the R.A.T.E. System

“Successful people do all of those little things that failures can’t be bothered doing.” Anthony Robbins

If you asked us to describe your Complimentary Professional Recruitment Service, in one word we would have to say ‘thorough’.

After determining your specific needs through our Free Consultation we search for the ideal candidate through:

  1. our existing team
  2. our extensive database
  3. advertising offline locally in the desired country of the potential VA
  4. advertising on various job websites, forums and social media.

Once we’ve found what we believe to be a suitable candidate, we ask them to participate in at least 2 successful rounds of interviews before we present them to you.

We evaluate and R.A.T.E. the candidates in the following four key areas:


The word R.A.T.E. is not just an acronym, it also places the key areas in order of importance.


We believe this is the most important attribute a Virtual Assistant should have.

A VA may have a great attitude, the required talent or skills, as well as years of experience, but if their circumstances don’t allow them to be online or available when needed, the other 3 attributes are wasted.

When evaluating their resumes we don’t just look at their talent and experience, we look for patterns in the duration of their employment. If a VA has had several jobs with a pattern such as working at Job A for 3 months, Job B for 3 months, Job C for 2 1/2 months, Job D for 3 1/2 months and Job E for 3 months… then it is probably safe to say that at best, they are only going to be ‘reliable‘ for around 3 months. Clearly this is not ideal if you’re looking for a long-term engagement.


Attitude comes in at a very close second. If a VA’s attitude sucks (that’s our technical term) to the point where you or members of your team simply can’t work with or tolerate them, then no amount of talent or experience will overcome this.

We want to be sure that the VA sorts by you, makes the tasks and projects given to them a priority, and has a mindset focused on finding ways to make your life easier.


When evaluating their talent, we want to be sure they have the appropriate skills for your specific needs.


Between you and I, if a VA has never worked with you in the past then they have zero experience!

We believe that if a VA proves to be reliable and has a great attitude, then the necessary talents can be learned, and the experience (of working with you) will come.

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