Renson Logmao – Administrative Assistant

renson-logmao-workLet me introduce myself first, my complete name is Renson Logmao but you can call me Enzo. I am a guy from the South where life is simple yet wonderful. I’ve lived alone since I was 17 years old. Being independent helps me not only to become a hard working and responsible human being but a man with purpose.

I finished my degree in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management in April 2015. June of the same year, I was hired in St. Lukes Medical Center Global City, one of the best Hospital around the world, as Administrative Assistant under agency. Due to my 3 P’s, Personality, Presentation and Performance, SLMC – GC offered me a regular position.

My job as an Administrative Assistant is divided into two areas: Administrative Support and Customer Service. Administrative Support includes clerical work such as, filing of documents, sending emails, allocating sections fund and expenses, scheduling meeting and sometimes an opportunity to train new hired. Meanwhile, Customer Service includes dealing with Patients, assisting with their needs, issuing invoice, processing HMO, answering phone inquiries and solving Patient’s complains.

With this kind of job, I had the opportunity to assist different kinds of people with different nationalities, background and status in life like Businessmen, Politicians, Celebrities and Influential People. To make my everyday responsibility in the company successful, I have to collaborate or work with different staff such as Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacist, Medical Technologist, Supervisors and Managers.

Having said that, I grew professionally where I can adapt and adjust rapidly in a fast paced environment. With this kind of ability, together with the the attributes I acquired from being independent makes me more determined to provide and give a good and very satisfactory kind of service.

Meanwhile, I decided to leave St. Lukes Medical Center July 2019 due to what my heart and mind tells me what to do, which is not usual for a young man. I decided to live a life where every day I gave service. A kind of service that gives inner joy and lasting happiness. I participated in doing a lot of community service like building houses affected by disaster, teaching exceptional children, cleaning certain facilities and teaching indigenous people from island to another island.

Now that I have decided to go back to work, this time as a Virtual Assistant, my previous experiences will definitely give me more reason to help others and give the best kind of service they deserve. This opportunity will also be a big help for me to continue doing what I love the most, which is community service and making others happy. In other words, it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Honestly speaking, the only experience I have that I think one of Virtual Assistant’s responsibility is accepting instructions from his superior through video call and scheduling meeting. But I am willing to learn and I believe I am a learner by nature. For me, the more you learn the more you know; the more you know, the smarter you grow.

Right now, I don’t have the experience yet as an official Virtual Assistant, but I can’t wait to share it to every one once I will be given a chance and inspire all of you.

Aside from the attributes I have and the things I’ve mentioned above where I excelled, my familiarity in Microsoft Offices, CABS and QBT makes me believe that I have what it takes to become a Virtual Assistant and be valuable in the team.

For a copy of Renson’s resume please click here.