Reumil Hechanova Moreno – Customer Service

Reumil Moreno FormalMy name is Reumil Moreno, 28 years old and I am from Negros Occidental, Philippines. I am an aspiring freelancer who is looking forward to finding a promising job working from home.

When I was little, my father would always tell us that you to work for what you eat and this is the best lesson I learned from him. We are a family of six and I have three siblings. He also taught us that there are no shortcuts to success and that if we want something in life we have to work for it with integrity, honesty and dedication.

I took several courses when I was in college but I wasn’t able to finish any of them due to financial issues. So I decided to quit school completely and started working.

I first worked as a Customer Service Representative for a BPO company here in Bacolod. It was for a cable company in North America. It really was a wonderful experience and eye opener for me. I learned how to work patiently and how the call centre business works as a whole.

Reumil Moreno PianistMy parents urged me to go back to school and finish my degree so I decided to quit my first job. I attended a small college in Kabankalan City but after a year and a half we again suffered financial difficulties so I had to quit school yet again and find a job quickly.

I took my chances and went to Manila. I became a Technical Support Representative for another BPO company – it was for a TV manufacturer this time. I had so much learnings with that company and I did well. I became a team leader upon regularisation. I really saw myself staying there permanently but another unfortunate circumstance made me leave…

My parents became ill and as I was the closest child that was able to return home (my 3 siblings were overseas at that time) I had no choice but to do so. With a heavy heart, I resigned from that post and went home to Negros. I took care of my parents and after a few months I decided to get another job which was still in close proximity to my parents.

Again, I worked for a BPO company here in Bacolod as a Technical Support Representative for cable and internet services. I became top of my class, and I learned so much from them – and it was a really great experience for me. But then, I heard of how some of my teammates had resigned and started working from home. I was intrigued and I started applying for some online jobs.

After hundreds and hundreds of applications sent and interviews I finally secured home-based work. I left the BPO industry and start focusing on the new job. I became a student support for an online course provider based in Australia. I answered emails, phone calls and chats and performed admin tasks all at the same time. I experienced some difficulty at first as I had no one else to turn to when I didn’t know how certain things should be done. But after a few days I finally got the hang of it, and I quickly adapted to how things work. I really fell in love with working from home.

After a year, the company’s profits declined and the management decided to cut some employees. Being the least tenured employee, I was one of the several employees that got laid off. It was a setback for me but I realised I had to start over.

I then became a Customer Service Representative (home based) for an online billing software company based in California. I basically performed the same roles as my previous work. I make phone calls, answered emails and chats and took care of admin tasks on a daily basis. The adjustment was minimal and I seamlessly fit in with the team. It was doing great until our boss decided to cancel the business due to his health issues.

Over the course of these work experiences I acquired several skills that will make me a great virtual assistant. I am good at building rapport, I can work well with a team and can also do things on my own with minimal supervision.

I know there are a lot of opportunities left for me and I am always excited to learn new things.

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